A Knex Multi-tower Shoes Stand, this was actually a challenge set for me by Jayefuu. It was to build his shoe tower out of knex.
I accepted the challenge and came up with this, anyone want me to post? :-)
GET SOME NIKE!!!<br />
don't get nike. Get livestrong. they are the best.
Get some Nikes. &nbsp;NAO.<br />
&nbsp;no way, Converse looks WAY better.
Converse are disgusting. Nike and Vans are twice, maybe even 3 times better then prep/emo shoes. =P<br />
&nbsp;jeez, I was just making a joke. I reckon converse looks pretty cool anyway, and I am entitled to my own opinion. (I am right?)
It didn't seem much like you were joking. And converse have been around for decades, they're getting kinda old. And they look like clown shoes.<br />
;-)<br />
Nikes look WAY better and have WAY&nbsp;better quality.<br />
&nbsp;no way, quality?<br /> thats bullshit, they get sown together buy chinese 6year olds who get paid 5yeng per shoe.<br /> do you really call that quality?
When they last for 2+ years of daily use with only minor tread wear, yes, yes I do.<br />
&nbsp;my point isnt whether they work, its where they come from.<br /> also they look like every other sneakers you can buy. boring looks
Who cares where they come from?&nbsp;&nbsp;Good quality is good quality, no matter who made it, stop being racist.<br />
I <strong><em>do</em></strong> have Nikes, but I was wearing them :-P
pretty nice! i could put my bowling, my golf, and my old grandpa shoes on one rack!<br /> lolz!
Heh, Bowling shoes seem almost exactly&nbsp; like 80's disco shoes. At least mine do. :-)<br />
LOL, you got bowling shoes? Or 80's disco shoes?
Finallyyyyyyyy!&nbsp;Bout time someone comes up with something that I'd actually use like everyday. 5* amazing....<br />
BOOOOOO&nbsp;5*s&nbsp;BOOOOOOOOO&nbsp;<br />
Hey, Nicley done!<br />
Thanks, did you rate? :-)
Ah, I will.<br />
hey, that's pretty clever, are all those shoes yours?<br /> <br /> 4,5*<br />
Thanks, and yes, they are my shoes, but some are quite old ones (hence the size 3's)
oh, I like the ones on the top<br />
I will post, but maybe tomorrow :-)
Cool!<br />
Thanks :-)
You took the challenge well. :-)<br />
Pretty cool. Never thought about making a shoe holder thing. Nice job.<br />
nice! 5*

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