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Introduction: Knex Muzzle Loaded Pistol

About: You will never know much about me, but you will learn more about me talking to me than if I were to post something about me in a textbox. I'm also immature. I have a second account here on instructables. ...

Well, finally, I have done it, got an account and published an ible. I must explain further, yes? Alright, well, I have been lurking around this website for a year, maybe two now. I have built many things but have never gotten involved in this community so far. I should have a while ago but never did. Anyways, onto my build, it is very comfy and fits my hand quite well, and has a nice feel to it. Smooth trigger, slides nicely, sadly not a long trigger pull, but oh well, no sights at all, I should have made some to make a better impression on you guys. Has a bullet lock built in so that your bullets don't fall out.(not radio-actively)(that was a bad pun). Range is posted in pictures.20-25 feet. Please leave feedback and don't be to harsh on me, it is only my first ible.



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    You see all these good knex pistols dont come with ACTUAL instructions. Dude this is not even instructing us on how to d.i.o.s

    Thanks bro! just saw your comment lol :P

    <inhales deeply> Ahhh...... nothing like the sweet smell of a fresh knex gun builder! Very good first post! I am interested to see if you can come up with a removable magazine gun for your next build.

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    Psssshhhh that's easy man, I got three more guns already built, two pistols and a bullpup rifle. I plan on posting them on Wednesday or something. Thanks for the compliment, I like your stuff.

    Thanks for the compliment as well! Looking forward to the new stuff!

    Nice gun for a first build try to make the handle a little sturdier and add some sights but good job

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    Thanks man!

    ok thanks

    well I don't know if that is bad or anything but, it is just how I made this one.

    What do you suggest I do to improve my next build?

    I don't really know, I'm not that into guns. But you can ask other gun builders for advice :)

    ok :D

    Nice for a first! Try to make the handle a little more solid/filled up as BM said. Hope to see some more builds from you.

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    Ok thanks for the feedback, and I am am wondering why, I can't seem to figure it out, but why should I fill it up? If this offended you I am sorry.