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Introduction: Knex Mx8

I will not be post instructions cuz I'm working on a bigger project Please comment



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Questions & Answers


Isn't the MX8 a car made by Mazda xD

It's long gone

Ya thx man......I didn't have enough peaces for the stock

I was going to but I don't have money right now.....I might get some more when I get some money

Ok, that's cool. Good luck on al of your future projects!

Thx for fallowing me

You're welcome.  And, dude, press the reply button on the top righthand corner of my comments if you're replying to them.  It makes it a lot easier. :3

It could use a better stock, but other than that it looks pretty good. Is this modeled after something? Anyways, it looks like it is very comfortable from the first person shot. Nice job; you keep improving with every post. :D