I will not be post instructions cuz I'm working on a bigger project Please comment
<p>Isn't the MX8 a car made by Mazda xD</p>
It's long gone
Ya thx man......I didn't have enough peaces for the stock
You should buy some more pieces. :3
I was going to but I don't have money right now.....I might get some more when I get some money
Ok, that's cool. Good luck on al of your future projects!
Thx for fallowing me
You're welcome. &nbsp;And, dude, press the reply button on the top righthand corner of my comments if you're replying to them. &nbsp;It makes it <u><em><strong>a lot easier</strong></em></u>. :3
It could use a better stock, but other than that it looks pretty good. Is this modeled after something? Anyways, it looks like it is very comfortable from the first person shot. Nice job; you keep improving with every post. :D

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