Knex Mx8/FN Scar





Introduction: Knex Mx8/FN Scar

This gun is Alingarhs Mx8/FN scar. I really like it so i built it and made modifications. The mods is the barrel, stock, front hand grip, sight, and a mini grenade launcher. Great accuracy. If u like the gun then plz try my mods you will see its really cool. So ya i hope you enjoy. And this is the site for the original gun; ok plz rate my instructable ty. _Undermig_

Step 1: Stock

Its just longer...

Step 2: Hand Grip With Grenade Launcher.

You can put 2 grenade launcher each side but i like more 1 side for thum. Sry for flash...

Step 3: Back Sight

Sry but its writed cool gun and i cant delete it...

Step 4: 2 Front Sight+ the Barrel Extention

Make the barrel longer=more accurate. I think u can continue the barrel with the orange connecters but i don t know if its the same distance. But it still goes well. Good shoots.

Step 5: Together

Just add the piece like in the photos.



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    50 Discussions

    the stock isnt good thats why i didnt build the stock and it looks good

    Just 1 feet? this gun... No way? that is the weirdest comment I got all day -.-  impossible

    1 reply

    i had a bent ram stabiliser rod thats why it didnt shoot far so now it is fixed sorry for the bad comment :)

    Absalutly ******* amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good grip but not good grenade launcher you should make the launcher out of gold 5 slot connectors with nubs on white snowflakes that would make it able to fire lots of airsoft pellets or other ammo

    1 reply