This gun is Alingarhs Mx8/FN scar. I really like it so i built it and made modifications. The mods is the barrel, stock, front hand grip, sight, and a mini grenade launcher. Great accuracy. If u like the gun then plz try my mods you will see its really cool. So ya i hope you enjoy. And this is the site for the original gun; http://instructables.com/id/XM8--FN-SCAR-Knex-Gun/ ok plz rate my instructable ty. _Undermig_

Step 1: Stock

Its just longer...

Step 2: Hand Grip With Grenade Launcher.

You can put 2 grenade launcher each side but i like more 1 side for thum. Sry for flash...

Step 3: Back Sight

Sry but its writed cool gun and i cant delete it...

Step 4: 2 Front Sight+ the Barrel Extention

Make the barrel longer=more accurate. I think u can continue the barrel with the orange connecters but i don t know if its the same distance. But it still goes well. Good shoots.

Step 5: Together

Just add the piece like in the photos.
<p>You mean XM8?</p>
the stock isnt good thats why i didnt build the stock and it looks good<br>
you know a knex gun launcher would be cool...
It's called an XM8 not an Mx8
i know now stfu
<div class="media_embed"> <b><i>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsw55kh2Ct8</i></b></div> <br>
then change it
Just 1 feet? this gun... No way? that is the weirdest comment I&nbsp;got all day -.-&nbsp; impossible<br />
i had a bent ram stabiliser rod thats why it didnt shoot far so now it is fixed sorry for the bad comment :)
<strong>Absalutly ******* amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> </strong>
why is it? you like more the simple block trigger?
is there an instructable for just the normal one
o yh there is a link 2 it lol o and nice work 4*
yes <a href="http://instructables.com/id/XM8--FN-SCAR-Knex-Gun/">http://instructables.com/id/XM8--FN-SCAR-Knex-Gun/</a><br/>
good grip but not good grenade launcher you should make the launcher out of gold 5 slot connectors with nubs on white snowflakes that would make it able to fire lots of airsoft pellets or other ammo
i should so will i ummmmmmm No.
awesome!! 5* i just found this.<br/>
no, 3.5 *. not detailed enough. i don't know whats what. very nice though.
i dont care that was just mod to make. not the gun
true. why would you care?
yea lol why would i its just MOD of a cun if you wanna do it make it if not then don't? Lmao
Lmao? what's that? leave me alone okay?
dude check the lower one from me. srry
The XM8 and the scar are two different weapons.
Personally, I prefer the SCAR.
...LOL i know its kinda fuzion HAHA
very nice
It is an XM8, not Mx8. The Masada owns it anyway.
bannana already said that
Mykhailo says: Jun 20, 2008 bannana inventor says: Jul 18, 2008 Correct me if I'm wrong, but June comes before July. Besides, what is the point of coming back on a thread a few months old and telling me this?
sorry, I didnt see the date
this gun is sweet i made it tanks
i agree 4.0 stars
It looks very nice. 4 stars. I may vote higher later when I actually look at how it works.
your gana make it???
No, I only design my own guns at this point, I stopped making other peoples weapons a while ago unless I am going to do some serious modifying to it that is.
It's XM8 not MX8. Anyway nice gun. 4.0 stars
<h2>K BYE</h2>
Wats ure prob?
Its.......... Ok.
sweet - 4.5 stars

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