hello, today I'd like to show you my very first knex GUN-the Thing. I named this gun the Thing because it looks extremely weird... here are the pros and cons: PROS: Shoots Nerf darts, inside trigger, works well, range of 5-10 ft. CONS: looks weird, relatively awkward to hold, not very stable, hard to prime. ovarall I think I did ok for my first knex gun... thanks for viewing!
Sorry the first pic is sideways...
<p>This is pretty cool. A knex gun that shoots nerf darts.</p>
<p>Add a PVC plunger and it would be practical.</p>
Honestly I like the look.
Thanks! It was a pretty simple build, but it really didn't perform very well. It didn't have good range, the handle was uncomfortable and weak, and it was a bit bulky... But thanks for your interest! U
Ignore my first comment on your other ible... <br>Cool!
Uuummmmmmm it's .....o.... K
XD. It's ok, you can be honest... It's very weird... That's why I called it &quot;the Thing.&quot; But it is only my first gun...
I knew you would tie knex and nerf together! Good Start at it.

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