This Instructable will show you how to make a working Knex Nerf Reflex replica.

Step 1: Parts

You will need, 28 green rods, 1 twist tie, 3 rubber bands, 15 small separators, 20 caps, 8 large separators, 9 red corners, 7 blue rods, 12 orange connectors, 1 white connector, one green connector, 4 purple ends, 12 yellow connectors, 2 orange bendy rods, 2 red rods, a piece of tape, and (a grey rod-optional).

Step 2: Start Building!

Build the two sides, then add rods, separators, and caps to one side.

Step 3: Build

Make these rods and add them where shown.

Step 4: Trigger

Make the trigger. Add tape where shown. You will definitely need it... Next, add the trigger on.

Step 5: Barrel and Internals

Make this piece and add it on.

Step 6: Other Side

Add the other side, separators, and caps as shown.

Step 7: Trigger Rod

Build this rod and add it to the trigger.

Step 8: Tie

Add a tie to the front of the barrel to keep it from swinging.

Step 9: Plunger

In Nerf, it's called a plunger. Build it, and add it to the gun through the holes in the orange connectors.

Step 10: Rubber Bands

Add the rubber bands.

Step 11: Priming and Loading

To prime, hold the trigger and pull back the plunger. Add a blue rod to the front of the barrel.

Step 12: Alternative Plungers

For more power, you can replace the red rod.with a grey rod. That's why it was optional.

Step 13: Done!

You now have a Nerf Reflex! Enjoy!
cool, but isn't that a nerf reflex?
Yes. I made a knex replica of it. The first pic is a comparison.
Then you need to have your title say "K'NEX Nerf Reflex" not "Knex Nerf Jolt." If yours is a copy of the reflex, don't call it a jolt! XD Also, it is "K'NEX" not "Knex." I have to remind people of that all the time. And, you don't need to have "Knex" in your title, it is not needed.
Ooohh...! Now I understand!!! I didn't even notice that I typed "jolt" instead... My bad... I'll edit it soon... :/
Alright, good. No problem. =D
Changed it!!!
Good. =D
Nice, I like your inspiration! :)
No problem! I can't wait to see what other Nerf guns you make knex models of.
I'm currently working on a REAL Nerf Jolt.
Cool! Looks like your almost done with it. I'm guessing the trigger will be the harder part.
Yeah, but i figured out something. This gun is VERY powerful though. ill post it soon.
Alright then.
Now you are getting the hang of gun building. =D
Yup yup. =D

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