K'nex Nissan 350z, by Bannana Inventor.





Introduction: K'nex Nissan 350z, by Bannana Inventor.

First off give credit to Imaprar for the outside-front portion of the car is his. Anyway, this is a American/Japanese car I made. I has a real steering system, spoiler and movable seats. It weighs 4 pounds and is nearly 2 feet long by 10 inches wide. I hope you guys enjoy this and I may post if I get enough comments to do so.



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    I have also made ​​the car but the rear wheels are not fixed.
    can You send me pictures how you've attached

    i gave it 5* i hope you could post the instructions soon



    post it post it post it plz come on and post it already please, yeah u got wat u wanted which is comments so give us wat we want which is the instructions on how to build the car

    POST!!! my sis would steal this from me if i made it though =/

    (shes obsessed with this car)

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    whats it to you?

    Hahahahahahaha, bannana inventor.... *rolls eyes*

    and faved (already subbed =/


    sweet Good job!!!!!! 5stars!!!!!!!!

    you will post this or i will hunt you down and kill you a very horrible slow painful death

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    then he could never post it!

    well then i would go through his knex box and steal it

    gooooddddd luck with that

    Can i hve instructions to build this please. I really want to build this!