Introduction: K'nex Nissan Armada

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Based off an existing car, we're building the K'NEX version of it!

Step 1: Pieces Count


Gray- 14

Red- 3

Yellow- 2

White- 14

Green- 14


Red- 6

Orange- 26

Yellow- 2

Green- 18

Blue- 4

Purple (older ones in gray)- 49


Silver- 32

Light blue- Difference of 25-23

Objects in your house

1 tape roll

1 printer

1 pair of scissors

1 computer

1 piece of paper


4 small tires

4 tan hooks

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Step 2: Front Tires

Picture of Front Tires

They're close to the exciting part...

Step 3: Back Tires

Picture of Back Tires

Same as the front tires.

Step 4: The Back

Picture of The Back

You can move on if you do what the note says.

Step 5: Connector to the Front Tires

Picture of Connector to the Front Tires

4a.Add red rods to the back blue connectors and the front.

4b. Do the same thing as the back tires.

Step 6: The Top

Picture of The Top

This is how it goes. And guess how many green connectors are on this step.

...18. :)

Step 7: The Front

Picture of The Front

The next part is interesting.

Step 8: Tape the Logo Part 1

Picture of Tape the Logo Part 1

Search on google for a picture of this.

Step 9: Tape the Logo Part 2

Picture of Tape the Logo Part 2

Print the picture.

Step 10: Tape the Logo Part 3

Picture of Tape the Logo Part 3

Cut along the outline.


Step 11: Tape the Logo Part 4

Picture of Tape the Logo Part 4


Step 12: Stability

Picture of Stability

So the car doesn't look like a butterfly anymore.

Step 13: Wait...

We forgot the seats! *sigh*

Step 14: Front Seats

On the inside of the car, so. umm...


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-06-19

Pretty cool car :) try to take better pics though!

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