Hello instructable members! This is my first instructable. It is a knex gun that requires no rubberbands. Its a true trigger (amazingly for no bands) And it goes about 15 feet max PTG (Parallel To Ground) And 20 feet ATG (Angled To Ground) at about a 40 degree angle. Well Lets start building! Thank you for 500 views on my first instructable.

Step 1: Parts

4 White
4 Green
2 Dark Gray (1 slot)
2 Light gray (2 slot)
2 Orange (3+ with ammo)
And 2 Reds

8 White
10 Green
And 1 Blue

Step 2: Building the Parts

Just follow the pictures

Step 3: Attaching

Also follow the pictures

Step 4: Loading and Firing

Click the orange connecter on and add the broken red rod ( rod can be any rod but green) ( Dosent have to be broken just makes reload easy) and if you dont want to break your parts you dont need it. It just improves accuracy. Viloa! Just pull the trigger and repeat.

Step 5: COOKIE!!!

Time for a cookie. Go ahead. You have to either find it in your pocket or inside the computer.
Is the orange piece supposed to shoot out
I modded it so it would shoot 2 at a time.
Can I post it on my account? I'll give you credit.
So Sorry for late relply! Yes you can at least if you mention my name once.
Ok. Thanks. I also modded the bullets.
I don't have pockets.
Then you dont have a cookie :( <br>
Buuut I had some next to mme when I was reading this.
I redesigned your gun.
Nice job!!!!!! I check it out and it looks pretty nice. Yay somebody took hold of my new concept!!!!!!! <br>P.S. How did you get 20-25 ft.!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That seems impossible Thx anyway ! <br> <br> <br> -The Knexer
I used grey connectors instead.
Hmm... I like the idea of using the snapping force of the peices to fire. However this is not the best way of making things shoot. But it's not bad for your first gun. Try to improve the build though, by changing the handle and making the barrel longer. Good luck! <br> <br>-PotatoCoffee
I posted this because Frist i made this whole thing up not just the mech or the shell 100% me and Second I think this is the most relible gun if you are captured in a knex war and have nothing but this. Then you can pull this out and shoot it at a guy and take his gun. Also This mech i think never fails or jams i think its 100% relible. <br> <br> <br> <br>The Knexer
For war guns it's uaaualy better to have semi/fully automatic guns, as the have a higher rate of fire. Now, we have gun that are reliable strong powerfull accurate and have a high rate of fire. But then again, some people prefer single shot pistols. Anyway it was your first gun so that's okay! Have a great day! =)<br><br>-PotatoCoffee
And yes i know this but i posted this so people could make it and use it for whatever but they problably wont use it as a primary and i never mentioned you should use this as a primary in fact i would never even think that
Okay then, thanks for explaining.

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