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Introduction: Knex Nunchucks

About: My name is Hiyadudez. I make stuff. "The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure."

These are some cool knex nunchucks i made. Ive put the picture of my knex nunchucks, and a picture of real ones. See how much they look alike!!!

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list for the nunchucks:

White - 6
Grey - 2
Orange - 2

Grey - 16
White - 2

Chain links - 7

Step 2: Handles

How to make the handles, Just follow the pics...

Pic 1- Make
Pic 2- Add grey connector and white rod
Pic 3- Do same for both.

Step 3: Chain

Follow pics.

Pic 1- Get 7 chain links
Pic 2- Add orange connector
Pic 3- Add another orange connector

Step 4: Attaching.

Follow the pics.

Pic 1- Get chain and handles
Pic 2- Attach to 1 handle
Pic 3- Attach to other handle



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    how do you attach the orange connector in the 2nd pic because every time i try to connect it it falls off :(

    I know, but grey matches the overall colour of the nunchucks and are the closest to the real size of them.

    I do karate and kung-fu and i am trained to use nunchucks, and i can do exactly what i can do with the real ones as i can do with these knex ones. The chain only breaks like every 1/20.

    theyre gray connectors on the pic

    I hate those chains! They can barely be swinged or they break or fly loose. But with these light Nunchucks on tem, nothing can go wrong, so this on is cool. :P 4.5 Stars!

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    Thanks mate :) Btw, your Sipriani Rifle V3.0 looks awesome!!! And 150-170 feet... NICE! :)

    Thanks! The only reason it has that long of a range, is that it has a longer barrel than it's predeccesors. :P Sipriani V1.0 - 110 ft Sipriani V2.0 - 135 ft Sipriani V3.0 - 170 ft Hehe.. :P I was very nonchalant when i made the video so i thought i could've used my knex box's lid as a target, not so much of a good idea, as shown in the vid. XD