Introduction: Knex Nunchucks

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This is knex nun chucks their cool and pretty easy to make.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods:14 Red, 30 White

Connectors: 28 Red, 2 Gray, 2 Tan

Step 2: Make the Handles.

Picture of Make the Handles.

Make 2 of these (7 Red rods on each leave 1 space open)

Step 3: Make the Chain Link

Picture of Make the Chain Link

These go in between the middle NumChucks. (make 7 of these) and connect them like the picture.

Step 4: Connect the Handles With the Chain.

Picture of Connect the Handles With the Chain.

Use these to connect the Chain and Handles here is some pictures to help you.

Step 5: Finish Project.

Picture of Finish Project.

This is the what it should look like when your done.


guitarhero6492 (author)2010-03-29

nice 5*'s

d4rksaber (author)2009-09-21

i hate that guy who use this weapon at soul calibur, he's... annoying!

J4mm3r5 (author)2009-02-07


captain dan (author)2008-08-19


ojochris (author)2007-09-13

I love these things. I have been in Karate for 10 years, and these are much safer to practice with than the actual ones, especially in small spaces, Thx!

Trogador (author)ojochris2007-10-06

You practice with wooden ones? Hmm, my sensei gives us foam nunchaku to practice at home with, but wooden ones for dojo training and formal stuff.

ojochris (author)Trogador2007-10-07

Well yes, we recive foam ones for home, but I own my own wooden ones, so I practice with those.

Trogador (author)ojochris2007-10-07

Oh, now I see. Once you use wooden ones a lot, it gets so hard to position your hand right to catch the foam ones >_>

ojochris (author)Trogador2007-10-08

Sorta, for me it is easier if the nunchucks have mor weight to them then just the foam (Plus, I don't like string, I like chains) ;P

DrWeird117 (author)ojochris2008-07-24

i practice with shaolin spades of wood.

steel$ (author)ojochris2007-11-08

i just have foam ones 4 home and the dojo

ohiostatedog (author)2008-06-05

Dude, this thing is SWEET! you can make it bigger, too! 5 *

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-03-24

these things are awesome. booyah!

JerryMopar (author)2008-03-13

so easy to build, ill do it!

PieMaster777 (author)2007-12-01

pretty dumb i mean, the chain is stupid(make a mod,lol)

Wareagle (author)2007-10-13

Look kinda fragile....

ellomate56 (author)2007-09-02

You're pics are not realy good, did you use a phone?

Daniel662000 (author)ellomate562007-09-03

no this was my first instructable and a new camera

ellomate56 (author)Daniel6620002007-09-03


Daniel662000 (author)2007-08-02

Guys any ideas of what i should build next?

a suit of armor

lol i made some out of cardboard and cardboard weps hurt loads u end up bleeding if u dont decide to wear the armour :]

mmzdaniel (author)2007-08-05

thats cool but could you make a gun that fires small nunchucks? that would be cool"

Daniel662000 (author)mmzdaniel2007-08-06

why would you want a gun that fires nunchucks

gunner (author)Daniel6620002007-08-10

like to choke people you know like in films

mmzdaniel (author)Daniel6620002007-08-06

i dont know.... its cool....

SonicDH (author)mmzdaniel2007-08-09

It would allmost be like one of those batarang launcher things. the nunchucks would wrap around a persons legs and trip em.

lemonie (author)2007-08-02

And these don't fall apart when you swing them?
Imagine you were facing up against someone with a K'NEX gun, which of you would win?


Daniel662000 (author)lemonie2007-08-02

Why would you fight and what do you mean by win like fight to the death?

lemonie (author)Daniel6620002007-08-04

I was thinking of a K'NEX deathmatch... But what else would you do with nunchaku?


Daniel662000 (author)lemonie2007-08-04

probably knock the gun out of his hand then use both weapons

lemonie (author)Daniel6620002007-08-05

Great plan! L

crestind (author)lemonie2007-08-05


Daniel662000 (author)lemonie2007-08-05


Kaiven (author)2007-08-02

build something that can be added to my group, knex knights. build a ball and chain, or armor!

Daniel662000 (author)Kaiven2007-08-02

I finished the Knex ball and chain

post it!!!

I did post it

Kaiven (author)Daniel6620002007-08-02

that fast? lol

Daniel662000 (author)Kaiven2007-08-02


Daniel662000 (author)Kaiven2007-08-02

thanks i built your shield but don't steel my ideas

g12345389 (author)2007-08-03


latobada (author)2007-08-02

i would recommend just changing the title to "knex nunchucks" because there are so many things that are about knex on this site. oh and you spell them nunchuck(s) i might build some; because everyone knows that nunchucks are awsome, but reinforce the joints with epoxy or some resin.

adamsdead (author)latobada2007-08-02

i thought the wer numchucks

Daniel662000 (author)latobada2007-08-02

They work fine without but i guess you could do that.


Weissensteinburg (author)2007-08-01

hehe..I like it =]

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