This is knex nun chucks their cool and pretty easy to make.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Rods:14 Red, 30 White

Connectors: 28 Red, 2 Gray, 2 Tan

Step 2: Make the Handles.

Make 2 of these (7 Red rods on each leave 1 space open)

Step 3: Make the Chain Link

These go in between the middle NumChucks. (make 7 of these) and connect them like the picture.

Step 4: Connect the Handles With the Chain.

Use these to connect the Chain and Handles here is some pictures to help you.

Step 5: Finish Project.

This is the what it should look like when your done.
nice 5*'s<br />
i hate that guy who use this weapon at soul calibur, he's... annoying!
I love these things. I have been in Karate for 10 years, and these are much safer to practice with than the actual ones, especially in small spaces, Thx!
You practice with wooden ones? Hmm, my sensei gives us foam nunchaku to practice at home with, but wooden ones for dojo training and formal stuff.
Well yes, we recive foam ones for home, but I own my own wooden ones, so I practice with those.
Oh, now I see. Once you use wooden ones a lot, it gets so hard to position your hand right to catch the foam ones >_>
Sorta, for me it is easier if the nunchucks have mor weight to them then just the foam (Plus, I don't like string, I like chains) ;P
i practice with shaolin spades of wood.
i just have foam ones 4 home and the dojo
Dude, this thing is SWEET! you can make it bigger, too! 5 *
these things are awesome. booyah!
so easy to build, ill do it!
pretty dumb i mean, the chain is stupid(make a mod,lol)
Look kinda fragile....
You're pics are not realy good, did you use a phone?
no this was my first instructable and a new camera
Guys any ideas of what i should build next?
a suit of armor
lol i made some out of cardboard and cardboard weps hurt loads u end up bleeding if u dont decide to wear the armour :]
thats cool but could you make a gun that fires small nunchucks? that would be cool"
why would you want a gun that fires nunchucks
like to choke people you know like in films
i dont know.... its cool....
It would allmost be like one of those batarang launcher things. the nunchucks would wrap around a persons legs and trip em.
And these <em>don't</em> fall apart when you swing them?<br/>Imagine you were facing up against someone with a K'NEX gun, which of you would win?<br/><br/>L<br/>
Why would you fight and what do you mean by win like fight to the death?
I <em>was</em> thinking of a K'NEX deathmatch... But what else would you do with nunchaku?<br/><br/>L<br/>
probably knock the gun out of his hand then use both weapons
Great plan! L
build something that can be added to my group, <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/knexknights/">knex knights</a>. build a ball and chain, or armor! <br/>
I finished the Knex ball and chain
post it!!!
I did post it
that fast? lol
thanks i built your shield but don't steel my ideas
i would recommend just changing the title to "knex nunchucks" because there are so many things that are about knex on this site. oh and you spell them nunchuck(s) i might build some; because everyone knows that nunchucks are awsome, but reinforce the joints with epoxy or some resin.
i thought the wer numchucks
They work fine without but i guess you could do that.
hehe..I like it =]<br/>

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