Picture of Knex OMEN XR
Yes, I ripped off yet another gun name from goldeneye.

This gun was made in about a week when I saw DGM's attempt at a single shot. I decided to make my own bland and uninnovative single shot since there was some stuff from the rectangle that I didn't really like off the bat. I then built this so I could make a single shot that would fit my agenda for a good gun.

One of Oblivitus's comments when he was a mentor to me then struck me, and I decided to borrow parts off of other guns and combine them to make a single shot that would work for me better than others. Innovation was not a priority here, but I have made a new ammo storage container that can hold 6 red rods; it is located on the bottom.

Anyways, here is pros/cons


  • very comfortable
  • true trigger
  • powerful due to the singleshot
  • 60-70 feet with the bands pictured, can shoot in the 80's with #64's
  • lightweight (I can hold it in one hand, but it is recommended you use 2 so that you can aim easier
  • comes with 2 foregrips
  • Brand new ammo holder (holds 6 yellow or red rods)
  • looks cool


  • nothing too new, other than the ammo holder. I am sure you guys dont care because the Rectangle was not new, and you guys still liked it.
  • low ROF due to singleshot/

Enough with my ramblings, let the building begin!

Note- DO NOT substitute any parts here.

Go to step 9 to view a major update with the gun.

Step 1: Stock

This is the stock. Very comfy. Partial credit goes to dutchj for the idea, I did not build his comfort stock part by part, I just used his concept.

1- overview
2- view of the front
3- view of the rear
4- build these 2 parts
5- add the orange part to the stock
6- Add the other part to the blue connector
7- build the firing pin (this early? Yeah.) Remember the tape!
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~KnexBuild~3 years ago
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 zOMG, I just noticed the name OMEN XR, thats from goldeneye; rogue agent!
DJ Radio (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
That's been established, oh how long ago now?  Since day 1.
lowe DJ Radio4 years ago
(comment removed by your mom)
DJ Radio (author)  lowe4 years ago
(Comment removed by the cyberpolice. You are now being backtraced.)
(comment removed by my T.C.R. 51 Mk3)
DJ Radio (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
Your TCR 51 MK3 is not awesome enough to remove comments.
Why not? Its a Tactical Combat Rifle that shoots .51 cal. None of those exist.
DJ Radio (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
.51 cal sucks in Knex terms. So does the idea of a "Tactical combat rifle" that's weighed down in attachments.
That is kind of true. But the T.C.R. is the best gun I've made so far. if you made the T.C.R. you would be quite surprised of what it can actually do. And it looks cool. But I am working on a Mk4.
 Do you play on the DS or the N64?
but now there is a version on wii and it rocks
DJ Radio (author)  ~Aeronous~4 years ago
I don't see how this gun looks anything like the omen xr, here is a picture of the actual gun from the website.
Its not supposed to look like it. He just took the name from it
too bad, a replica would have been quite something.
DJ Radio (author)  sukinmaru4 years ago
WalkableBuffalo seems like someone who knows what he's doing. Also I don't do replicas. I am more performance-based in my builds than looks-based.
kylebusch184 years ago
this is sick!!!!
amtdude5 years ago
it says the vid has been removed. just a lil fyi
low rof because of slingshot mech isnt really a con.
rr type, semi-auto: med rof, low-med range, gen. low pwr, semi-accurate
rr type, full-auto: high rof, gen. low range, gen. low pwr, unaccurate
ss type, semi auto: low-med rof, long range, high pwr, semi-dead accurate
ss type, full-auto: high rof, long range, high pwr, semi-dead accurate.
(general statistics) *in my opinion*
DJ Radio (author)  knexattachments5 years ago
I couldn't read any of that.  Write it in proper English.
The Jamalam5 years ago
OMFG!!!1111eleven11!!!!! I T0TA11Y 4GR33!!1
Jesus.5 years ago
Good.... But not great 2.5*s
DJ Radio (author)  Jesus.5 years ago
Blah I don't really care anymore.  The NAR has rendered this obsolete anyways.  The only reason to build it is if you want a single shot with an ammo holder on the bottom.  It also is more comfortable than the NAR if that helps any.

And if it's good, why give it a rating at all?  Why rate stuff at all?  Screw ratings.
J Moneyman5 years ago
how old is that kid?
DJ Radio (author)  J Moneyman5 years ago
CJ says he's 10.
jimb0b123455 years ago
You did not look both ways before you crossed the street! Bad, bad little boy!
DJ Radio (author)  jimb0b123455 years ago
First of all, that's not my video.  Second, who gives a sh**?
Seleziona5 years ago
well, i just built it, had to mod the trigger to work, and am going to try the yellow oodammo with it!
Yellow oodammo = Candammo
NYPA5 years ago
Time to celebrate.
1111 views.jpg
DJ Radio (author)  NYPA5 years ago
W00t W00t!
I didn't saw that earlier.
are you one year old???
See? day. Not year.

it was a joke
and funny name :P
:) Pinda 4 life xD
ps.pinda,s zijn lekker :P
sprout_less5 years ago
 do you have a lisp?
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