Introduction: Knex OSSR


Don't build this gun, build this gun instead

Step 1: Stock (optional)

Believe it or not, this stock is optional. It isnt needed for performance, just adds looks and a brace for the arm.

1- build 2 of this frame, note the blue rods and orange connectors.
2- back of stock.

Step 2: Handle

The handle. Simple.

Step 3: Main Body, Trigger, Saftey


1- build these parts. They will be the trigger parts. Read the notes to find out what each part does.
2- the body
3- the body from the top
4- add the trigger part. (the one on the bottom)
5- Gather these parts (2 are optional)
6- add to trigger. By now you may have noticed how the safety works.
7- Add trigger guard
8- add the last part from picture 1 to the top corner.
9- Attach handle to body.
10- Attach stock to handle and body (that is, If you made it)

Step 4: Barrel

Erm, whut?

1- the bulk of the barrel. make that, note all blue rods, orange connectors, and spacers.
2- the part that connects to the body (note all blue rods)
3- view of the other part (near the front) Note the 2 y connectors on the bottom and blue rods
4- foregrip
5- attach foregrip
6- top view of barrel. Sorry for blur.
7- The end of barrel
8- attach the end to the rest of barrel.

Step 5: Final Connections

Connect barrel to body.

1- separate view
2- connect

Step 6: Rubberbands, Loading, Firing

Yay, you are almost ready to fire this gun!

1- Trigger rubberbands
2- Rubberbands for the oodammo holder
3- my method of looping the rubberbands
4- Hooking the oodammo to the rubbberbands and loading it into the holder.

Now pull the trigger, and fire!

Thanks for viewing!



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    ossr stands for:

    I have an idea: Why don't YOU make a parts count?  You are the one begging for one.

    1 reply

    I really don't know. Maybe you could build the trigger and then put the crossbow around the mech.

    Don't have enough pieces for the OSSR-2, whats this one like?

    5 replies

    It's basically a less sturdy version of the OSSR-2. Obsolete by today's standards but it's still the only slingshot with a lock on the trigger.

    By lock do you mean safety?, or the firing type were you clip it onto the y-clip?

    Ok, might build in like january because im building Owenmons break action shotgun

    Oh yeah thanks for 1500 comment

    I agree seeing as how this was posted a year ago.

    Yes... Some guy unfeatured it though.  Oh well.  Why you ask?

    this to a point looks like the nerf longstrike coming out

    1 reply

    I, to a point, don't care.

    I build it. It's isnt as heavy as i tought.
    BUT! the trigger didnt work so i broke it.
    Still it was a very cool gun.   4*

    2 replies

    Weird, it always worked for me.