Don't build this gun, build this gun instead

Step 1: Stock (optional)

Believe it or not, this stock is optional. It isnt needed for performance, just adds looks and a brace for the arm.

1- build 2 of this frame, note the blue rods and orange connectors.
2- back of stock.
ossr stands for:<br>Odammo<br>Single<br>Shot<br>Rifle
Is there any way to mod a sipriani style crossbow into a slingshot mechanism like this?
I really don't know. Maybe you could build the trigger and then put the crossbow around the mech.
Don't have enough pieces for the OSSR-2, whats this one like?
It's basically a less sturdy version of the OSSR-2. Obsolete by today's standards but it's still the only slingshot with a lock on the trigger.
By lock do you mean safety?, or the firing type were you clip it onto the y-clip?
Ok, might build in like january because im building Owenmons break action shotgun
Oh yeah thanks for 1500 comment
Meh. It's OK.<br />
I agree seeing as how this was posted a year ago.<br />
Did this get featured a while back?<br />
Yes... Some guy unfeatured it though.&nbsp; Oh well.&nbsp; Why you ask?<br />
this to a point looks like the nerf longstrike coming out<br />
I, to a point, don't care.<br />
I build it. It's isnt as heavy as i tought.<br /> BUT! the trigger didnt work so i broke it.<br /> Still it was a very cool gun.&nbsp;&nbsp; 4*<br /> &nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;trigger sucks<br /> <br />
Weird, it always worked for me.<br />
I know. It didn't work. (for me)<br />
You should put bands on the trigger or use a fresh Y&nbsp;connector.&nbsp; Mine always worked.<br />
I made everything good and i already put bands on the trigger. <br /> And what do you mean with 'fresh Y connector' ?<br />
Wait, i get it. Actually the problem was that it was too fresh.. xD<br /> It didnt release the oodammo so it didnt shoot.<br />
Either put more bands on or band it like I&nbsp;do.&nbsp; <br />
hey, if 1337 means leet, then what does 4363 mean?<br />
ae6e?<br />
sounds legitamate! :D<br />
&nbsp;anyone know where I can get some thick elastic bands in the UK??
http://cpc.farnell.com/<br />
i do in an&nbsp;epsom model shop it has immense ones that are really thick and strechy
Office supply store?<br />
great gun<br /> and yes this is that is the best snoop dog&nbsp;song
Wanna build?<br />
Hmm..... Maby I'll add it to my arsenal. But I don't build slingshots these days.
Knexsayer, BR-18, Rising sun, AST pistol and oodassault. Am i wrong?<br />
<p>Nope. Correct</p>
Skill. I has it.<br />
Nah, you just have recognition for famous guns.<br />
you need a sniper! and slingshot guns are the perfect sniper rifles!
I can't build them. If I get caught with one that shoots I might get in trouble. I might also kill someone. Also, I ran out of rubber bands.
Why, would you shoot someone??
Why wouldn't you shoot someone?
Why would you if you know you will get in trouble and possibly injure someone
dont put rubberbands on!
Then what's the point?
if this gets you in trouble, then why bother?
does this have to shoot oodammo? p.s. build a scope
No, it can shoot rods, but with reduced range.
Ahh, I see Canadian's AST Pistol in there. What are the two on the top called? I want to build them!
The top 2 are the Knexsayer and the BR18. The BR18 isnt posted, but Killerk has a slideshow about it.
Cool. Thanks Btw: do you mean knexsayer or knexslayer?

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