Knex OodaVolver (How to Build)





Introduction: Knex OodaVolver (How to Build)

Well, seeing the positive response I got from the slideshow and requests, I thought I may as well post it. If you can build this thing, you will be rewarded with a very fun pistol.

Step 1: The Body, Internal Barrel, and Part of the Mech

This is the overall receiver/body of the pistol. Should be easy to make. 

Step 2: The Handle, Mech II, and Other Stuff

Step 3: The Left Panel

Step 4: Turret Stuff and Other Last Minute Stuff.

Step 5: You Are Done!

You have just made the OodaVolver! Have fun with it!

If you make this gun, show me a pic of yours and I will add it to the instructable.



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    How do you build the torrent

    Can I replace the Turret 18 with a 8?

    With a little modifications to the front, yes a 8 shot turret will work.

    i give this 5* any day 1 of the coolest "pistol" type guns ive seen.

    p.s. i subbed!

    cool gun but I dont have enough pieces 4 the there any way i could subsitute

    You could build an 8 shot turret like the one off the TR8, it uses less pieces. And you dont need to mod the front end too much to have it accept the 8 shot one. And thanks. =)

    thanks but I dont have enough peices for the tr8 turret...any ideas