Well, seeing the positive response I got from the slideshow and requests, I thought I may as well post it. If you can build this thing, you will be rewarded with a very fun pistol.

Step 1: The Body, Internal Barrel, and Part of the Mech

This is the overall receiver/body of the pistol. Should be easy to make. 

Step 2: The Handle, Mech II, and Other Stuff

Step 3: The Left Panel

Step 4: Turret Stuff and Other Last Minute Stuff.

Step 5: You Are Done!

You have just made the OodaVolver! Have fun with it!

If you make this gun, show me a pic of yours and I will add it to the instructable.
How do you build the torrent
To build the turret, look at the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Tr18-Turrets/" rel="nofollow">instructable</a> on how to make one.
Can I replace the Turret 18 with a 8?
With a little modifications to the front, yes a 8 shot turret will work.
Post how to modify please :)
i give this 5* any day 1 of the coolest &quot;pistol&quot; type guns ive seen.<br><br>p.s. i subbed!
cool gun but I dont have enough pieces 4 the turret....is there any way i could subsitute
You could build an 8 shot turret like the one off the TR8, it uses less pieces. And you dont need to mod the front end too much to have it accept the 8 shot one. And thanks. =)
thanks but I dont have enough peices for the tr8 turret...any ideas
Try one of TheDunkis's oodammo mags on this gun.
ok thanks <br>
Hey man, i wanted to say that this gun is an awesome build of your hands, and I am going to build this totally!
Thanks man. =) Good luck man.
100th 'ible, bet that feels like an accomplishment =D
It was a pretty big accomplishment when I posted it, and it still is I think. =)
This is a huge revolver.
It sure is. =)
I wish my KSR had a revolver on it.
Yup. That would be pretty cool.
Beautiful as always Beanie :) 5*
Cheers man. =)
I've never been gifted with turret guns :( <br>
Hm. Something not working right?
Sweet. No need for a ram guide though? It probably will ruin the looks anyway
Cheers. =) A pin guide would not have been able to fit onto the gun anyhow. And I agree it would mess up the looks a lot. Thanks for commenting. =)
I see.<br>You know what would be a good project, make a rvolver with a hammer, just like ooda's semi auto pistol, but then pistol sized and 4 or 6 rounds.
I dont think the 6 shot would be possible. But I did make a semi auto a while back and it failed. And you did give me an idea for one for my projects. =)
can you put an tr8 turret on it? i don't have that many light and dark gray cons
You sure can. You just have to modify the front slightly.
Nice new parts will arrive soon. Then I'll build it.
Sounds great. =)
Yay, it's posted. Thanks.
No problem man. =)
Great it's up!
Yup. It also boosted my total number of ibles to 100 lol. I know you cant make a TR-18 turret but if you do build this gun; you can but a 8 or 12 shot turret on it (the front will need slight mods though. Just sayin'. =)
1100th comment!
Nice one. =) Do I win anything?
A cookie!
Nom nom. =)
Lol what will you be bulding next?<br>
Im not sure what I will make next. I just need some ideas.
Lol ok when you find out let me know, I am currently on yet another full auto gun requiring 2 of the large grey motors lol.
Ill definitely be ready to see that when it comes out. =)
Not til the end of December probably motors wont arrive until dec8.
im gonna build without the turrret and turn it into an assault pistol/rifle <br>and thnx for posting <br>
No problem.
you reply really fast <br>
I sure do. =)

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