Picture of Knex OodaVolver (How to Build)
Well, seeing the positive response I got from the slideshow and requests, I thought I may as well post it. If you can build this thing, you will be rewarded with a very fun pistol.
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Step 1: The body, Internal barrel, and part of the mech

This is the overall receiver/body of the pistol. Should be easy to make. 

Step 2: The Handle, Mech II, and other stuff

Step 3: The left panel

Step 4: Turret stuff and other last minute stuff.

Step 5: You are done!

Picture of You are done!
You have just made the OodaVolver! Have fun with it!

If you make this gun, show me a pic of yours and I will add it to the instructable.
pumkinspice2 years ago
How do you build the torrent
beanieostrich (author)  pumkinspice2 years ago
To build the turret, look at the instructable on how to make one.
gassybeans3 years ago
I've never been gifted with turret guns :(
beanieostrich (author)  gassybeans3 years ago
Hm. Something not working right?