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Note : This is the 3rd oodammo pistol made. I posted pictures on my OB, took the pictures to post it 2 times, but both of those times I lost the memory card. Killer-safe-cracker posted his after I posted pictures on my OB. He even commented on it. So don't go saying how this is a rip-off of his gun. If anything, his is a rip-off of mine. (Though it isn't! I'm just setting an example.)

Hi there! After months of procrastination, kinda I've finally gotten a chance to post this!
Anyways, it shoots a good 70 feet, with 4 #64s tied in two strands.I haven't made a name for it yet. If you had some ideas, that would be great!

That's all I can think of right now..

How about some pro's and con's!


It shoots a good 70 feet.
Easy to reload
Handle guard
Holds 20 rounds
It can hold a whole bunch of rubber bands
Comfortable handle


Hmm.. I can't think of any cons right now. I'll edit it when I get some ideas.

Step 1: Piece Count!

Picture of Piece Count!
Everyone loves piece counts!

Rods -

Green - 44
White - 48
Red - 1 (If possible, make this a tan rod)

Connectors -

Grey - 27
Light grey - 3
Red - 6
Green - 4
Orange - 9
Yellow - 25
Blue - 6

Misc. -

Ball joint sockets - 4
Blue clips - 2
Y-Connector - 16
Tan lock - 1
Blue spacers - 8
Grey spacers - 1
Tan clip - 1

Please correct me if I'm wrong!
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Can I make it without y-connectors?

morrisme4 months ago

u have done a service to the knex community by creating this fine machine. 5 out ofo 5

knexsim3 years ago
this gun is sweet as i striped it down tot he bace of the gun and modded it and i made the barrel thiker and mag stroger to take mor elastics in total i got 7 elastics on the ram rod making it go abot 100 feet(not bad for a pistol) and i got 6 small elastics for the triger to keep up witht he barrel strain

i also made 20 of these gun (took me about 3 days to make them all so i got my best 20 frends i know to have knex guns and well all had a war so in the end there was about 480 Oodammo all over the place my mum went belistic because of the mess +)

anny way sweet gun 10*!!!!!
koenykoen4 years ago
This is just a better gun than the tr18 :)
btw. piece count 1 grey/black rod
Owenmon (author)  koenykoen4 years ago
oven isn't here right now. please leave a message after the you-know-when, bai!!!
wabawaba4 years ago
nice gun check myn out guys
dmytro5094 years ago
i made it with mods, would you like a picture
Owenmon (author)  dmytro5094 years ago
sure. i could put in the intro
sorrry for the late reply
Owenmon (author)  dmytro5094 years ago
awesome, i'll add the second picture. thanks!
i made another one with even more mods
lol would you like that picture
Owenmon (author)  dmytro5094 years ago
thank you very much your so awsome
your the best instructable person ever
:) :) :) :)
cj814996 years ago
i do not have the orange part on pic 7 and 8. can i substitute without modding pieces
Try a tan clip.
Owenmon (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
Haha, you beat me to it. I forgot about that, I was going to edit it.
Yep . Why do you use a cut??
Owenmon (author)  Killer~SafeCracker6 years ago
It broke off from something before. I just wanted to put it to use.
I don't get step number 6
I don't get step number 6
I haven't built it yet, but I think this beats the TBAP...
Dirtyboyy5 years ago
i made this gun , bud no oodammo , bud a turret , it shoots around the 100 feet ... ;)
NYPA6 years ago
This looks like the T.B.A.P.
smilee NYPA6 years ago
He made this before he posted t.b.a.p
NYPA smilee6 years ago
The T.B.A.P was posted the 8th. this was posted today.
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
that doesnt mean the pictures were posted before TBAP.
NYPA DJ Radio6 years ago
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
Owen-mon has had that oodammo pistol as his picture since the beginning of summer.
NYPA DJ Radio6 years ago
Was that a major delay on posting or a "oh here's a preview of my new gun."?
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
NYPA DJ Radio6 years ago
That's a BIG delay!
Owenmon (author)  NYPA5 years ago
Summer vacation FTW!
DJ Radio NYPA6 years ago
He was busy and stuff.
NYPA DJ Radio6 years ago
No i mean did he post it and i didn't get though till recently.
smilee NYPA6 years ago
Yeah but look at his orange board he's had it for a long time.
GTRPLR19955 years ago
I love this gun. great job. 5*
Owenmon (author)  GTRPLR19955 years ago
Thank you!
jamesdude5 years ago
i got a name... how about the oodabolt pistol! lolz....blahblahblahblahblahblah
do u like pie? i dooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pie is awesome!
1825155 years ago
Great triger I have used it on almost every one of my guns because it's simple.
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
70 feet , cool that's 20 meter , very far ! ;) i gonna build him.
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