Introduction: Knex Oodammo Rifle Attachments

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Hey guys! Remember when i saidI would make an instructable showing some attachments for this? Well here it is.
Angled Fore-grip(credit to red book of westmarch)
Less wobbly stock
Sight pieces

Step 1: Sight Pieces

Picture of Sight Pieces

Second pic is where to attach

Step 2: Angled Foregrip

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For the foregrip, search "knex angled foregrip" and click headlessknight's instructable. Look through the slideshow.

Step 3: Less Wobbly Stock

Picture of Less Wobbly Stock

Look at the pictures.

Step 4: Done!

Gj you made my attachments for the thing


tinyhooman (author)2016-12-27


Lucas The Boss (author)2016-12-08

Its actually The RedBook or Westmarch's foregrip.

I thought I said that.

Also, I told people to go to headlessknights Ible because that's the only intstructions for that specific foregrip

Lucas The Boss (author)2016-12-08


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