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Introduction: K'nex Oodammo USP.45

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So, I made the ZLG. Then, I made it a repeater. Then, I made it bigger and changed the handle, and eventually it became this. Looks and feels great, 6 round mag, Zak's trigger. Can manage 45 feet easily. Can hit a pair of socks at 20 feet, and has good notch sights.



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    Can you make instructions please?

    Aww, couldn't you have waited another month? Then you'd be necro-ing a 3 year old post.

    Not really. Now leave.

    haha right

    possibly the best oodammo gun i've seen ! 5* awesome work.

    Oodammo is a white rod with a red connector attached on it.
    the weight from the red connector makes the bullet fly straight, because the bullet won't flip like that.
    With normal ammo it does, because the weight is the same everywhere.

    yes except the more weight at the front the faster it slows down because like in a plain when you dive the plane goes faster making it harder to pull up the same with the bullet it doesnt go as far.

    That's true, but with a regular bullet, if there's no weight on the front, the bullet will spin in the air.
    Like that the bullet slows down, compare this with oodammo, which flies straight, the bullet will go further because it doesn't spin.

    but the regular bullet is more accurat (not great at spelling that word)

    Depends on a few things.
    Like the side of the rod (blue, yellow etc) . A blue rod is way too light to fly straight, yellows are a bit heavier so they fly better.
    And wind, with oodammo the bullet will be less light compared to a regular one, so it won't be blown away by the wind.

    Could you combine the two and have a yellow rod with a grey con on the end??? Would that work well?

    i get your point