Picture of Knex Oodammo gun
Should I post?

Shoots at 10 meters
Never jams
Looks f**king epic :)
Iron sights
Comfortable handle
Has a blade on the handle guard

Trigger is uncomfortable
Can only hold 8 oodammo (Of course you can extend the mag but it would make the gun look bad)
DJ Radio3 years ago
What's the point of that thingy sticking below the gun? Not only is it one layer, it's also pointless. Same question could be asked about the blue rod.
SomeAsianKid (author)  DJ Radio3 years ago
Are you talking about the blade or the thing at the bottom on the handle? The bottom of the handle thing was a fake mag :3 and what blue rod?
Blue rod on photo 2
SomeAsianKid (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
That for pulling back the ram cos i like to cock it like an m4
Ok, I suggest you though to put an red connector instead of that 2 way. With 2 blue rods for extra stability/sturdyness
Looks ok