K'nex Oodamo SP6




Introduction: K'nex Oodamo SP6

Hey guys, this is my new K'nex oodamo pistol. Its the first knex gun i've ever made so please no mean comments. It can hold both regular and modified oodamo projectiles. IT also has a 3-peg iron sight, and sturdy trigger system so you can add lots of rubber bands.

-shoots Powerful and far(distance depends on rubber bands)
-has a comfy grip
-has iron sights
-sturdy trigger system
-can hold a variety of  oodamos
-good accuracy
-needs some none-K'nex modifications to the mag for full reliability
-doesn't look cool
-ram is long for a pistol
-only 6-round mag

So tell me if you would like this posted or not. I know there are many oodamo pistols out there, but i'm just starting, and i thought this was a good place to start.



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    Was this gun supposed to a be an imitation of my old and outdated SP-6 pistol? It it was, I need credit.

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    if it was origonaly your name then sorry. SP for mine stood for "Small Pistol" and then 6 for6maximum oodamos in the mag.BTW its not based off anything

    You should make a tutorial. This gun looks AND sounds awesome.

    Hmm, time to put mah serious pants on. First off, let me just say that there is a be-nice policy already in place with Instructables, so your projects will always be protected from downright rude comments. However, especially for your first projects, you really need to be open to criticism, because that is how you'll improve. Case in point, I finally went to take my first driver's test knowing fully well that I wasn't ready, but I did so anyways to see what a professional would point out in my bad habits or ignorance of rules.

    With that out of the way, the gun is somewhat crude by my standards, but that's to be expected for a first weapon. If it really is the first weapon you made entirely, it's not too bad. It shows you're capable of making good weapons as you improve. Me personally, I wouldn't care to see it posted as there are better alternatives. As for the spirit of Instructables though, there's nothing stopping you, and others will tell you to post it for the sake of posting something.

    By the way, a more proper way to describe the sights would be a notch and blade sight.

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    ok, cool too bad i dont have many peices so i'll probably be making "crude" knex guns. They work, they satfisfy, nothing more nothing less

    Dude, this is why I said you have to be open to criticism. Trust me, builders go through stages. When you first build, you're not too worried about aesthetics and will primarily focus on the function of your gun (though it won't be optimal in most cases). Beginners also have a tendency to overrate their own creations. As you build and become more experienced, you'll come to look back on this weapon and see what I mean. I went through it too, believe me.

    Just keep building. Look at what others build, use it for inspiration, and build some more. You only gain experience through trying in a hobby like K'nex.

    by the way how do you suggest i make it less crude? i have made minor mechanical modifications to it since i posted this so i may post a tut on how to make it. the mods make it able to hold more rubber bands for more power and distance. Plus if mine is crude how might you say Senior Waffleman's oodamo pistol is or beanieostrich's SP6 oodamo is?

    Reminds me of the Halo plasma pistol a bit. Not bad for your first build!

    so should i post a instructable of this?

    if you want