this is my first oodamo, i built it all by my self so it feels like an accomplishment but really its super generic and it is reliable.

Nice job!
whats oodamo?
the mag can never be too big
Looks like you just copied the TBOS and extended the mag.
goo point dj ur cool
im not familiar with that gun
The song 'getting better' would suite you, all your guns get better and better all the time! 5*
dont you think the mag is huge? lol
theres nothing wrong with that
i know lol
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
troo dat
Nicely made. Looks solid, has the largest possible oodammo mag capacity I can see.
thank you so much!!!
-Xbox achievement 'FAIL' earned- spend fail points on nothing in the Xbox live shop. LOL I'm kidding. I can't see how the trigger works, if it does at all, but this is better than your previous. Did you check out the MeZak trigger?
i did but this was just a hinge trigger before and i just quickly changed it to a "pro" trigger lol. but it works with a Y connector with 2 green rods on each end and the red connector has a CUT gray rod on top then a green rod then another gray rod, i know the pic doesnt show it all for some reason, i must have forgot to fix it
Post another pic of the trigger mech.
actually what i just said was wrong and i took apart the gun but ill try to reconstruct it
Naw, just reconstruct the trigger mech.
thats what i meant, when i get some time i will

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