Just follow the pics, a very easy build. Rate, Comment, and Subscribe.
Are you left handed?
whats with the torn up chair
Its a cover that makes it look torn up.
post! post!
Pffff, with the pictures he posted here this basically is an ible!If you can't build it from these pictures, you don't deserve a cookie >:C.
I hope you don't mind but I "refined" this, giving it an overall slimmer profile, a higher quality chamber, and a retention system to prevent ammo from falling out.
Do you mean a bullet lock, when you said "retention system"?
Of Course.
I did that to a m4 once.... <br>
very nice design<br>
nice gun, very nice stock...i think i might use this stok with the Z35 if i can modify it to connect
np your one of the best knexers
Thank you.
under your barrel, that would be a perfect spot for a master key of grenade launcher!
thats pretty nice.

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