Hi, this is my first instructable! This path switch uses regular balls and needs to have speed coming into it to work.



Red: 1

Yellow: 20

Blue: 60

White: 13

Green: 40


Dark Grey (1 slot): 9

Orange (straight): 38

Red: 8

Green: 2

Yellow: 25

Grey 3d: 33

Blue 3d: 15


Grey Spacer: 9

Blue Spacer: 7

Y-clip: 4

Total: 294

Let's get building!

Step 1: Base and Lower Exit

Step 2: Entrance and Upper Exit

Step 3: Path Switcher

Step 4: Top

Thanks for all the feedback, video will be added soon
thank you for the inspiration! I can see this idea coming in my ball machine.
<p>Got a video of it?</p>
i made this thinking it would teach me how to make a pathway using my butt. what a let down! YOU SUCK! (XD, I didn't really make it, but this was just a joke. looks great dude!)
Looks great! :D welcome to ibles

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