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Introduction: Knex Overkill Instructions

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Follow the pictures. If anyone builds this and puts a tr18 turret on send me a picture and I will put it in the instructable.



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    looks like the TR-18 combined with the MRL

    no offence, but i think i wont post an instructable. i biuld the gun, and the turret didnt even fire-the rod wouldnt reach the turret! so i modded it, so here are the pics

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    oh sorry idk why not but the mods are cool

    by the way, were the yellow rods and orance connecters that went in the stock spare ammo or something?

    wow, this gun seriosly is (word removed) awsome!
    im soo gonna build this (word removed) gun!
    BTW, do you want me to post a (word removed) step by step..itll probably be (word removed), but it might make it easyer from poeple new to instructables

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    Ya thats cool just make sure to give credit.

    awsome, just let me make to gun, then i will

    Hey knexfreek360, I was also wondering where you got your pieces from, like if they were from old sets or new sets and how many orange connectors you used. Later.

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    Did you ever get to building it

    hey a lot of your pics are blurry

    Ya i dont have the best camera

    almost all of my pieces come from ebay, but i got a set from christmas and this takes alot of oranges

    What`s up its "jiansy`s" sis, anyway i checked out your latest vid on the Overkill, sweetness man, have ever thought over makin a machine gun with a crossbow on it, Sorry this was my sister and she was just joking i know that you all ready have a semi automatic. But what she was saying was that you should make a crossbow with a machine gun barrel.

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    Idk how that would work because crossbow bolts ussauly run on a track on top so it would be hard to load if it was inside a barrel.

    Buy looking at your picture of the overkill I estimated a number of 94 orange ladder connectors. WOW. However i did manage to buy 400 parts off of E bay
    and it cost $35.00. It was $17 something for 300 yellow connectors and $7 something for the ladder connectors. So I should have enough to build it. It will be so awesome.

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    did you change your name to Mullet?