My knex overkill updated and shooting

Go here for instructions.

Looks great! But the strap. Also why do feet often appear in instructables!<br>
FIRST HA!<br><br>can you post soon?
Ya if enough people ask, its a piece hog though.
a piece hog... i have about 3000 pieces, i could make 2 or 3 of them.<br><br>i would of replied sooner but im watching the Packers vs Steelers Super Bowl<br><br>GO PACKERS!
cool but go steelers
no actually steelers fail...<br><br>go packers!
Omg I was just looking at some of my old comments and saw the comment before this, I'm ashamed of saying im a steeler fan, It's all about the Packers and Patriots!
YEA! Those are my teams too.
Haha i can't belive thay lost to the chiefs!
I know right!? The chiefs are like one of the worst teams in the NFL.
IK, ugh well what are you working on next?<br>
Im still modifying my TH2BR, and I have a few other small projects going on. You working on anything?
Deciding between 3 diffenert projects: Belt Fed Drill Powered/Airsoft/New Full Auto Mech
They sound interesting. =)
What do you think i should do?
Go for the new full auto mechanism. =)
It'll look like this but i still need to add gears to make it spin fast enough, this is just the main frame.
uhmm... this is semi-auto, and it's exactly what i was thinking of lol. i have a way to make this same mechanism full auto and semi auto on the same gun, the difference being 1 gear more for full auto, which will be placed and removed by pushing a rod with the gear back and forth. get it?
Yea it's being designed right now but i need like a lot of gears for it to work its going to be insanely hard to get working. Its auctally semi auto my bad but it will hope fully shoot like 50ft and take removable mags!
I hope it works out for ya. =)
Yup. You also gave me the 3600th comment. =)
haha I like the patriots, but the Packers are my most fav. But I'm angry that they lost to my Brother in-law's team! (Chiefs)
Lol ikr!
whoops, meant my Brother in-law's favorite team.
lol i only like them cause they won me $5 lol
close game
New version coming soon
lol yeah i see it now
Ideas on how to make it better?
i got nothing, its pure awesome!
Is there any difference between this Turret Rifle and say, the TR-18? I like the design on this on a lot more, its much sleeker.
not really just that this also has a slingshot mech and other attachments
Does it get the same ranges?
You have long range on there, and you have a medium rate semi-powerful turret. I have three ideas:<br>1) Add a short range fast firing attachment.<br>2) Melee attachment<br>3) Scope?<br>
I finished the fast firing attachment.
thanks im going to try to add something to increase rof
latest version here include more of a scope and this gun is capable of hitting someone but use the stock.<br><br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Overkill-V3/
I'd build it. Then add a few more (7) guns to it.
what do you mean adding 7 more guns do you mean like having a 9 in 1 gun?
Lol i was just joking but i would add more guns to it. I once made a 1 in 3 gun with a full auto sniper and mag fed gun. It was really good. I have pics of it somewhere. I'll try and find them.
sounds cool and lol

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