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Hello instructibles and I am here bringing you instructions to the P264 handle fed pistol.
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WARNING this gun requires many broken pieces, if you do not have broken pieces or do not intend on breaking pieces this gun is not for you. If you are fine with breaking pieces then proceed to the next step.

CAUTION I cannot be help responsible for any injuries that may occur while shooting this gun for it has potential to do damage to other human beings. Never point at a persons head for you can cause forever blindness.

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

The broken pieces on the handle are not necessary but recommended they can be replaced with normal blue rods

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body

This step is very long and complicated
Note the red connector does not snap onto the trigger

Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Easy step congrats you have finished the gun now to the mags

Step 4: Mags

Picture of Mags

Your done
Note you have to take the metalic connector off before you can put into the mag then reattach.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing

To fire pull ram back until you here a click, then pull back a little more until you here a second click let the ram go back forward until it stops aim and then pull the trigger.

Please drop a comment telling me what you think, if you build put a pic in the comments and I will post it on this ible, please tell me if you have trouble and I will try and help


Lucas The Boss (author)2016-07-10

Here is a reference to the cut rods

Joecool 3 (author)Lucas The Boss2016-07-16

Thanks :)

Though I was able to complete it that one day.

I'll have to adjust it though; the barrel is just ever so slightly too tight. Besides getting the bullet all the way our, the gun functions very well overall :)

Joecool 3 (author)2016-07-08

I'll say about your instructables; they're not quite instructive enough. I'm a complete beginner with building Knex guns (or Knex instructables for that matter), so if noobs like myself are trying to build something for the first time, you ought to specify more. Specifically; I don't know how long to cut the long bendy rods as well as some of the blue rods.

I hope my criticism was helpful and not destructive :)

Lucas The Boss (author)Joecool 32016-07-10

Sorry that there hard to follow, i made these with my ipod a while back so there not great. If your not far with the gun then i would recommend stopping and building either my war pistol or the sawed off shotgun. There easier to follow and a overall better gun. Thank you for your constructive criticism!

Joecool 3 (author)2016-07-08

Can you tell me the function of the short black rods? Can I just replace them with a regular green rod?

didexo (author)2014-08-20

I'm usually not a fan of these pistols. But it's cool regardless.

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-08-18

Looks good!

seamster (author)2014-08-18

Nice work, looks fun! Thanks for sharing this.

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