Picture of Knex P90 Instructions
Hey guys it's knextremist with another gun. This one is not mine. 95% of credit goes to ~KGB~ and the rest to me for the instructions. It looks nice and works well. I don't really want to do stats but,

Shoots blue rods 50+ feet
Hopper fed
5 layers thick at body
3 layers thick at handle
You can keep A-LOT of ammo in the stock
Looks just like the real thing!

No parts list, sorry!
Let's get started!
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Step 1: Main Body Panels

Picture of Main Body Panels
O.K. so this gun has outer main panels and a core that comes out of the gun into the handle. So, the handle is three layers thick while the stock is five. Build it up!

1. Build this part
2. Same part, different view.
3. Same part, different view.
4. Here is the next panel.
5. Different view
6. Different view
7. Close up of assembly at front end.

Move ahead.

Step 2: Filler Parts

Picture of Filler Parts
Here are some inner filler pieces. Attach 'em.

1. Build/gather
2. Build these three angles.
3. Attach in this order.
4. Build
5. Attach/gather
6. Get these.
7. Add that bar.
8. Attach the angled piece.
9. Insert this assembly.
10. Make these
11. Attach the pieces
12. Put them together.

To the next step!
Should we make two of the same outer layers of the core before we put the insides in?
knextremist (author)  2000smartkid1 year ago

Just follow the image notes, they'll tell you everything.

joejoe9131 year ago
amazing gun does it have any broken pieces?
knextremist (author)  joejoe9131 year ago
I don't think so, but I haven't looked at it in a while.
Finally, That is awesome! Great instruction set to.
knextremist (author)  Blue Mullet 22 years ago
Thank you Ma'am. I can honestly say I am quite proud of this!
Yes, I would be to. ;)
Yeah, I know right.
Blue Mullet2 years ago
Looks great. Its about time someone was able to get this P90 a full set of instructions.
Very cool! Mabe I'll build it when I have time.
knextremist (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Have at it!
This is honestly pretty good...all things considered, this is pretty close to the origonal. The only P90 on 'ible that beats yours (when it comes to looks) is dr. richtofens . I might try one of these...after my G36K.
I can say with all honesty that I respectfully disagree with your opinion. AND this one has instructions. However, thanks for the constructive criticism.
Yup, no problem.
~KGB~2 years ago
Im impressed! =D nice job!
knextremist (author)  ~KGB~2 years ago
Thank you sir!
No prob, thank you for posting it =D