Hey guys!

Now I know its been a while but I think I'm gonna stop making guns soon:( sorry bout that.
Anyways now that I got that off my chest I present to you...my (concept) P90! 
This gun is definitely not my best but I wanted to make something new and I had a look round at the P90's on instructables and noticed that a lot of them were lacking a removable horizontal mag, so I decided to have a go myself ;). And so after a little thinking I came up with a good system and had the full prototype done within two weeks.

The magazine itself is just like a normal mag, rods are pushed up by a ram and a firing pin pushes the rods out. the only difference in this project was that they were just placed differently to accommodate the horizontal shape rather than vertical.

So now the boring stuffs out the way I can actually tell you about it. It looks pretty similar to the real thing, apart from its to tall in the stock and body (but most of that is empty space so it can be trimmed down :) ) and the firing pin comes out the stock but can be easily changed so that it comes out the side. it has working iron sights (not shown) and comfy grips for both hands. The internals are a classic sear system mech so the trigger can be quite far from the pin itself, therefore giving a longer pull-back.

- long pull-back
- horizontal mag
- extremely comfy :)
- easy trigger pull
- iron sights
- nothing sticking out of the gun (agh I hate it when people do that!)
- sear system
- easy to reload mag

- firing pin sticks out the stock :(
- taller than the real thing
- shorter than the real thing
-  mag only holds two rods

Thanks! tell me what you think!
DeathSkull3 years ago
Want a great realistic P90?
Find the KLS V2 P90 Mod. Obviously made by KnexGuy.
Sharir17013 years ago
system commencing command "compare KGB's P90, cazadactle's P90". command in progress............. total failure ! system is crashing ! must abort ! awesome-lame ratio too high !!! rebooting ! *running windows on safe mode*.

lol, nice try though. i give it 4*
DJ Radio3 years ago
Sorry but nobody can touch KGB's P90.
~KGB~ DJ Radio3 years ago
Id like to see one better =D
I like KGB's P90 better, his has the firing pin in the stock. Yours still looks great though. What needs changed would be the pin, and the "mag".
cazadactle (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
yep agreed ;) but I didn't make this a well polished gun only a prototype to talk about horizontal mags :) but thanks anyway!
Epic! =D
cazadactle (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
thanks :)
No problem!
The only thing I can see thats not that good, is that it looks a bit daft without magazine it, but that's just me
Good job
cazadactle (author)  dr. richtofen3 years ago
yep I completely agree but if you look at a real P90 the gun does look similar with out the mag:)
jah, I guess your right :)
Knexman153 years ago
Looks really comfortable and compact. 4.0* =D
cazadactle (author)  Knexman153 years ago
yea it was probably the most comfortable gun I've ever made but the body wasn't the right shape :( thanks anyway though :)
awsome!! 5*
cazadactle (author)  knexrule20123 years ago
:) thanks <3
nice one =D
cazadactle (author)  stevedude1233 years ago