Knex P90





Introduction: Knex P90

This is my latest creation a Knex P90. I give credit to Ironman69 for the clip and techdeck30 for the body.It fires semi automatically.The clip holds 9 bullets.

Step 1: The Body

make these

Step 2: The Clip

all the white rods except for the two end ones are broken

Step 3: Chamber

This is the barrel/chammber

Step 4: New Firing System

this is the updated trigger mech all white rods are broken

Step 5: Putting It Together

put on the firing system and the barrel/chamber in

Step 6: Loading

the step name describes it

Step 7: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys enjoy this gun just as much as i do. i got it shoots 20 feet with two rubberbands

Dont forget to rate

Step 8: For Those of U That Dont Get the System

this is a picture of the system

Step 9: Bands

here are the placements for the rubberbands



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    Ok... how does the system work? the trigger isn't even in the pictures... I have no idea how anything works. (Great body though. p90 is my favorite gun)

    OUCH... that's a LOT of broken pieces!

    I would make if there weren't any broken pieces!

    cany u just use gray pieces for the midddle

    Im trying to make a p90 it has a removable mag that holds 30-35 rounds, it is in the same place as a real p90 but i dont know how to make the bullets fall into the chamber, any help here?

    Use a long thin spring.