Picture of Knex P90
This is my latest creation a Knex P90. I give credit to Ironman69 for the clip and techdeck30 for the body.It fires semi automatically.The clip holds 9 bullets.
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Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body
make these

Step 2: The Clip

Picture of The Clip
all the white rods except for the two end ones are broken

Step 3: Chamber

Picture of chamber
This is the barrel/chammber

Step 4: New firing system

Picture of New firing system
this is the updated trigger mech all white rods are broken

Step 5: Putting it together

Picture of putting it together
put on the firing system and the barrel/chamber in

Step 6: Loading

Picture of loading
the step name describes it

Step 7: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you guys enjoy this gun just as much as i do. i got it shoots 20 feet with two rubberbands

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Step 8: For those of u that dont get the system

Picture of for those of u that dont get the system
this is a picture of the system

Step 9: Bands

Picture of bands
here are the placements for the rubberbands
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A Risen Devil2 months ago

Well done!

maliqui20012 years ago
nice gun
danroy993 years ago
Ok... how does the system work? the trigger isn't even in the pictures... I have no idea how anything works. (Great body though. p90 is my favorite gun)
jedijaxson3 years ago
OUCH... that's a LOT of broken pieces!
I would make if there weren't any broken pieces!
myless4 years ago
cany u just use gray pieces for the midddle
silentassasin21 (author)  myless4 years ago
do u have to mod the white peices
Im trying to make a p90 it has a removable mag that holds 30-35 rounds, it is in the same place as a real p90 but i dont know how to make the bullets fall into the chamber, any help here?

Use a long thin spring.

I have an idea! leave an open piece at the end of the mag put a light rubber band on the gun then put another mag under it pointing down and shake shake shake!

hmmm..............that might work, i will try that! exept i already destroyed it, im going to try to build it again!
the dunkis beast pistol on ki take a look how that works don't use bbs
depends, is the mag going to be on the top or the bottom? if from the bottom, then try something that pushed the bullet into the mag. if at the top, then the bullet should fall into the mag. are you using tan clips for you mag?
the problem is, is that its loaded in the same place as a real P90 so the bullets are pushed in straight up then they would have to drop into the chamber, i might use a mech similar to DJ Radios
Jared you would be able to use bb's and then curve the mag.
alright i will try that thanks!
maxoomen5 years ago
 Make FOTO'S!!
I don't get it!
please make better design for clip ok what is pushing the rods out of clip gravity isnt.
knexking1235 years ago
do u have to break the white rods to make it work?
jack6915 years ago
i added a fore grip and a troi pod and scope
T-Dog135 years ago
will the gun still work if i dont trim the white pieces ????????

brentbrent5 years ago
do you need the broken pieces?
silentassasin21 (author)  brentbrent5 years ago
idk i dont have it any more and the guns a year old you shouldnt expect much out of it
n00bkiller7 years ago
knexgunner do u need 2 brake the pcs
yes. OF COURSE YOU DO. rarely, IF EVER, when an ible tells you to break pieces you can use non-broken parts.
stopanator5 years ago
how far does it go sinse its a semi auto with clips is it like 3-4 feet
smattman225 years ago
where does the thing from step 4 go?
silentassasin21 (author)  smattman225 years ago
Didnt i tell you NOT to make this gun it is my worst creation
one of the few p90 that actualy looks like a p90
Jesus.5 years ago
stopanator5 years ago
smattman225 years ago
is it real semi auto? like pull thew trigger and it fires, pull it again and it fires again?
silentassasin21 (author)  smattman225 years ago
put it on utube
best P90on site that is simple to make
SonicX 226 years ago
how do u post a picture cuz i used the p90 but made it different
silentassasin21 (author)  SonicX 226 years ago
you go to pic library and browse upload the pics then when you comment you go to add images
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