Knex P.F.N. (Pistol for Noobs)




Introduction: Knex P.F.N. (Pistol for Noobs)

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We are all tired of seeing block trigger pistols or block trigger anything (except gatling guns) So to do something about that, I have made the simplest Knex Pistol on this site (other than my SP Series pistols and the "DJ Radio Blueprint pistol" I made DJ Radio's "Blueprint Pistol" and it worked good but it had A LOT of problems at the same time, like the trigger sucked. But according to today's standards, this gun is kinda obselete but not totally phased out. This gun is good for mass producing in wars. Lets get to the pros and cons shall we?

Good range with the Sniper round (30-40 ft) Very good range with the D. Eagle Round (35-45 ft)
Very Powerful (puts dents in cardboard) 
Looks good (your opinion counts of course)
Can be modded EXTENSIVLY
Good for mass production
Accurate sights
Very Reliable

Design is SOOOOOO Common today and has been since about 2007
A lot of guns look like this

Anyone can make this gun in about 5 mins or so, it is that easy to make. The trigger is true, the damage is good for a pistol, and its the best beginner gun on this site other than the SP series of mine and DJ Radio's "Blueprint Pistol". Beginenrs should use this as the standard to the knex pistol world. Any knex war veteran knows this is good for mass producing. 




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    It was comfy; you had to watch the firing pin that it did not hit the top of your hand.

    Yp, this gun is for Noobs because are we all tired of these block trigger pistols that were good in 2007 but not in 2011?? I am tired of them, and youre younger than me by a couple years. Youre 13 right? You build good guns. =D

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    it's not a n00b pistol because you sir, are awesome and you modded a block trigger gun and made it a true trigger gun though i wouldn't use it in a k'nex war

    This gun was just an example to show that block triggers suck. And ablout the knex war, thats why they are good for mass production. Thats good you think im awesome. I will admit that my first gun was a block trigger.

    its ok you have a lot of good guns i think mine was a rbg i made off youtube it was semi auto i never saw the instructions again :'(

    You completely missed the point of my pistol. It was a "blueprint", to show how a gun gets good performance. I took good time to point out the bullet lock, pin pull, and how the true trigger blocked near the back of the gun. This gun has NONE of those features.

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    Ye, I know, you dont need to star another flame war. Were still cool. Its just a gun for noobs, coolio? I think that the only thing we have in common is we hate block triggers. So It was just a random gun, ok. I know its basic, I just dont like yours, its kinda boxy and the trigger is wierd. Its cool, but not as durable as mine. All my gun needs is 2 #64's to shoot about 35 ft. So just stay cool ;)

    I'm sorry. It's just that it was a pistol that I wanted new people to learn off of, I wanted to set an example of how a gun gets good performance. Guns like this show that people learned nothing off of my creation.

    Alright DJ, I see where youre going, I just wanted to have an even more simple knex pistol out there. Dont worry, im working on uploading a desert eagle =)

    Ha!noob pistol