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I got the idea for my PPSH-41 from COD WaW after i got a 15 kill streak on the map "castle"lol, amyway i hope you like it.


rmeyssen (author)2011-08-27

omg thats just awesome

cerj (author)2009-08-25

i'm halfway through making a fully automatic PPSH-41 with a drum mag. the barrel looks realistic aswell. i've only done the barrel and mag.

~KnexBuild~ (author)cerj2011-06-26

cool, does the drum mag hold bullets?

opyl (author)cerj2010-08-13

hey you got the instructions for tht

Millawi Legend (author)cerj2010-06-02

 And how were you going to make it full auto? 

Demolesher (author)cerj2010-04-25

 Holy crp, THTS AMAZIN!!!!!!!!! POST INSTRUCTIONS 4 IT!!!! PLZ??????

cerj (author)Demolesher2010-04-28

 look at when that was posted. broken ages ago! sorry.

Zappa021 (author)cerj2010-04-18

I already like it!!

smithinator (author)cerj2009-08-26

looks quite good

cerj (author)smithinator2009-08-26

thanks. :)

smithinator (author)cerj2009-08-26

when your finished send me the instructables please :)

cerj (author)cerj2009-08-26

i heard there is a way to make bedbug's semi gun a fully. I have taken off the green rod but now it shoots too fast and all the rubber bands fly off at once. so all of them catch on 1 bullet. what do i do?

verekte2 (author)2011-06-20

now in your russian happymeal!

Reiben (author)2010-08-19

hey smithinator, can u check out my WWII knex gun fourm, i made this gun into a m1 garand with some mods, check it out, credit goes to u.

SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)2010-08-12

how does the mag stay in

aZ0MBI3beast (author)2010-07-19

could you post it or send it to me cause that is really beast and i want to know how to make it

BlueboyJacko (author)2010-07-07

Great looking gun, did you make aljeece's Kar 98 but add a magazine to it and removed the bolt? Because if so, then that's quite a good idea. It does look a lot like the Kar he made.

Reiben (author)2010-04-06

 made this... but it kinda turned into a M1 Grand =/

TheDunkis (author)2009-08-18

Try this. Better magazine. To make it removable just clip it into the snowflakes. The white rods will fit perfectly between the gaps...I'll just show you an example it's rather hard to explain. Solekiller's idea.

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-07

 Have u ever finished making that gun?

TheDunkis (author)dynno972010-01-07

I ran out of pieces before I could finish it. It was turning out great too.

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-08

k then... mines da highest rated STG44 as of now :D

TheDunkis (author)dynno972010-01-08

Oh well? Try making a UMP-45 and see how that goes. The only thing stopping me is pieces and I don't find it worth it to waste my money at the moment just to prove I can make a better Stg-44. You can already see it was going to be better. Removable, curved magazine. Real charging handle. But whatever.

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-08

 kthx lolz i rather not. because ur god and in just a single celled organism who cant do anything :P. PS: I made a Selective fire RBG (EAT IT!) Prototype :D I'ma add that mech to my STG44 lator... as for nao... I haz moer important buzznezz to deal wit liek putting away my knex so I can play guitar :D

TheDunkis (author)dynno972010-01-09

Hey last Stg44 already had selective fire capabilities. Bye.

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-09

 It had Semi auto, and shotgun mode, mine is semi auto and slowed down full auto, buy :D

yerjoking (author)dynno972010-01-10

But... His was so much better...

dynno97 (author)yerjoking2010-01-10


yerjoking (author)dynno972010-01-10

1 hint.

Not yours.

dynno97 (author)yerjoking2010-01-10

Itz cauz his shoots rods... doesn't it.

yerjoking (author)dynno972010-01-11

A classic 'ibler.

Go research.

dynno97 (author)yerjoking2010-01-11

 I rather not waste my time on that.

yerjoking (author)dynno972010-01-12

Yet you waste your time playing with plastic, making idiotic remarks, picking a fight with TD every chance you get, and attempting to type English?

dynno97 (author)yerjoking2010-01-13

*Your Conversational Partner Has Left because he does not want to waste time arguing on the internet anymore.* PS: Internet Language, go look it up. PPS: TD is older than me and still plays with plastic. PPPS: I had fun with this arguement :P

yerjoking (author)dynno972010-01-14

Internet language? the internet is a country or a continent now is it? You had fun in what argument? You're just making yourself look even more stupid than you already are.

dynno97 (author)yerjoking2010-01-14

It doesn't have to be a country to have its own language, smart one. But... just don't reply to this comment, your going to make urself 3v3n moar stewped den u al redy r.

TheDunkis (author)dynno972010-01-14

OMG just please stop talking. Just stop. You're not getting anywhere. Yerjoking won't be able to get anywhere as you're too stubborn. I keep getting emails and it's annoying. Tell me, how many friends do you have on ibles? Have any of them went through puberty?

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-15

I'm sure you do. And btw, I don't really care, nor do I really care about getting banned from this site. YOU are the reason why I don't like this site, lets just go our seperate ways now. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT.

TheDunkis (author)dynno972010-01-15

You didn't listen to my request so why should I listen to yours especially without a please? Alright then why not just leave? That's what I did when I didn't care for the site. Indeed, I would come back but usually that means whatever problems I had before were gone. I'm glad I could make your stay here miserable. Learn to be on my good side and it probably wouldn't be that way. I even learned to deal with DJ and that's saying something.

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2010-01-15


TwistedParadox (author)dynno972010-03-21

lol, another email for TD Muahahahahaha

smithinator (author)TheDunkis2009-11-14

thanks man im making a fully auto one so look out for that :)

dynno97 (author)TheDunkis2009-10-10

 Its the attack of the "Better than mine" STG44!!! Run away!

An Villain (author)TheDunkis2009-09-29

i've used that mag before.

smithinator (author)TheDunkis2009-08-26

nice mag but i dont think it will fit on my gun :(

alfpwns (author)TheDunkis2009-08-24

does the mag load well?

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-08-18

what is that gun?

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-08-19

It was going to be an Stg44 made to compete with dynno but I ran out of pieces before I could even test fire it.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2009-08-19

I have the exact same problem! And by solekiller's idea, do you mean how the mag attaches to the gun, or the mag itself?

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2009-08-19

The removable concept though I thought up two different ideas a lot like it but I actually only used this method after seeing him do it. It's probably my new favorite as I adapted it to work with blue and yellow rod magazines and it'll work easily with any "Yellow Block" Styled gun. The magazine curve idea is mine though.

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