Knex PPSH-41 (smg) Mk.2




Introduction: Knex PPSH-41 (smg) Mk.2

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This is my mk.2 of the PPsh-41 that i have already posted. This version fires alot futher and has a more efficient drum mag.



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    isnt that nikolai's gun

    ppsh stands for papasha, which I dont means what in russian

    The said slideshow is titled, "PPSH-41 preview"

    Its in a slideshow.

    ALOT BETTER MAN even i thought that weren't possible xD anyways 4.5 look at the 4th pic the stock/handle to the barrel is only connected with 2blue and 2 white rods not that i can do better but only that its bit empty uno

    checkout mine. It's better than his.

    this looks way better than the old one, please post!!!

    nice replica!
    If you want to improve it you should fill up the body though, it looks a bit skeletony in some places

     this isn't bad at all, except you have to say 'fake drum magazine'

    A lot better! Post!