This is my mk.2 of the PPsh-41 that i have already posted. This version fires alot futher and has a more efficient drum mag.
the first version looks better in my opinion.
Cool gun!
pleaz post
isnt that nikolai's gun
ppsh stands for papasha, which I dont means what in russian
plzzzz post<br>
That stock is terrible.
I think it is fine
The said slideshow is titled, &quot;PPSH-41 preview&quot;
Its in a slideshow.
ALOT BETTER MAN even i thought that weren't possible xD anyways 4.5 look at the 4th pic the stock/handle to the barrel is only connected with 2blue and 2 white rods not that i can do better but only that its bit empty uno
better than the previous plz post!!!! 4.5*
checkout mine. It's better than his.
this looks way better than the old one, please post!!!
&nbsp;Cool :)
nice replica!<br /> If you want to improve it you should fill up the body though, it looks a bit skeletony in some places<br />
&nbsp;this isn't bad at all, except you have to say 'fake drum magazine'
A lot better! Post!
much better!<br />
Nice Master of Puppets banner<br /> <br />

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