Knex PS3 Controller Stand


Introduction: Knex PS3 Controller Stand

Here is a Knex PS3 controller stand that I made. It is very simple and doesn't use very many parts, which means it can be made 2, 3, 4, and even more times. Obviously depending on how many controllers you have. It has easy access to the USB port for charging and the whole stand is small and compact.



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    i used your idea and made a ps3 steering wheel out of knex

    I like the two holder I made it and it was awesome

    made an account just to say thanks.. will be able to charge my controller in style!!

     Fantastic. I never thought of using knex as a holder.  Here's mine:

    I had two controllers to hold and the design is sturdier to hold the weight

    knex ps3 holder.JPGknex ps3 holder remote.JPG
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    awesome, easy to make plus it doesnt take many parts to make 4.5/5

    i'm gonna make a tutorial on how to make mine pretty soon. going thru it in my head it only takes 17 pieces

    Well done on your stand it looks better than mine! I never thought of putting two controllers onto one stand. After all I do have 3 controllers now I might just make a holder that will hold 3 controllers. Thank you for the idea!

    I'm gonna try make it and put it into my next instructable which is an all in 1 ps2 stand.

    i got idea for knex controller. take it apert and build knex around it worked 4 me got thru last level of Ininja w/ it.

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    could u make instructions for it plz lol or i will report u 2 instructabels

    Well fu k dude, it only a freakin idea and u dont need instructions you only need a frickin screwdiver and some common sense!!!

    No need for a mod I believe as this already has access for the USB cable. The USB cable has the same positioning as the cable from ps2 controller. :)

    Cool, this design would fit nicely into someones ps3 holder.... Does it work with ps2 controllers?

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    Thanx, em i think it probably would work with ps2 controllers cos they are the same design as the ps3 controllers

    I'll see....