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So... My ps3 slim occasionally overheats due to my excessive play. I figured that that couldn't be good for the system. I decided to build a platform that would raise the PS3 into the air and allow for more airflow around the system. As I was building I threw some goodies in there including storage for up to 9 games (I only have 5...) storage racks for 2 controllers, and a spot to put your bluetooth headset! this can all be reconfigured to suit your needs for example 3 controllers and 5 games, 1 controller and 13 games, etc... Don't think there is a big group of knexers with PS3s but still If you are one the instructable will be up later... but you can probably build it with the pics... Oh and I ran my PS3 for about 6 hours today... slightly warm... not hot like usual... even in the heat wave across the USA...


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no prob

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