Knex PSG1


Introduction: Knex PSG1

About: I dont play with knex anymore

this is my Knex PSG1.



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    its good but 2 things 1. it doesn't look like it (like the stock) 2. i think the one from war hawk one is better

    srry but this is opinion

    I dont play with knex anymore sorry :s but cant anyone make this from the picture ??? just try :P

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    why did you have to quit

    Seen mine yet? I like his scope and bipod.

    yes ive seen it you made it a huge deal and it sucked

    Yeah, I'm not even going to start anything with a kid here. But the only good thing you did is that P90. I mean seriously: is that really an L96, or an M4? Come on..., you're not. I can tell.

    Look at the picture in the grenade 'Ible. Last year, you said it was you a year ago('07). That is NOT the face of a sixteen-year-old. That's the face of a 10, maybe 12-year-old.

    it was did you see HIS pistol and how big of an arguement it caused it made him quit thats why the first four instructables are different from MY building style.

    No, I didn't. YOU'LL have TO tell ME when IT was MADE.

    the instructable was made 8/29/08 and was deleted 3 days after for everyone giving rude criticism

    I don't believe that was your brother. But I have better things to do than argue with children.

    ha lolz. can you continue the arguement? its pretty funny kids. *snicker*

    Can you shut up this is an old arguement that is over and WONT be brought back.