Hey guys! Here are the instructions for my K'nex padlock! Hope you enjoy.

Parts List


Yellow Connector: 15

Orange Connector: 13

Red Connector: 23

Gray 2-slot Connectors: 4

Gray 1-slot Connectors: 8

Blue 7-slot Connectors: 2


Blue: 6

White: 14

Green: 59


Tan Locks: 3

Black Y-Connectors: 4

Blue Spacers: 2

Blue Locks: 2

Female Ball-joints: 3

Grand Total: 158

Step 1: Step 1: Main Body

1: Build

2: Build

3: Attach

4: Build

5: Attach

6: Build

7: Attach



10: Build

11: I forgot to add the picture, but you just attach the final plate.

Step 2: Step 3: Finishing Up

1: Gather parts/Build

2: Attach

3: Build

4: Insert bolt into the body

5: Gather parts and lock on.

<p>Is one of the orange connectors supposed to be broken?</p>
<p>Yes, otherwise it will get stuck on the blue spacers.</p>
<p>Im make it. And is not locking.</p>
<p>Oh, I've gotten people to say theirs works. So I'm not sure what the problem is. </p>
<p>My knex lock doesn't lock its cant lock and that grey connectors with two connectings cant stand still</p>
<p>Post a picture so I can help you. </p>
My one doesn't work
Thanks bruh.
<p>Doesn't function? I followed all directions:(</p>
<p>Oh well, was it supposed to be decoration or something, becauseit doesn't lock</p>
It should lock, can you give me more information as to what isn't working? It worked for others.
<p>Nvm! It works:) Great build!!!</p>
<p>Nice job you made it to the finals! ;-)</p>
<p>Congratulations on being a finalist!!! :D</p>
This thing works great good job
Cool I might build after I take apart my new assault rifle
<p>Thanks! I recommend you do. What gun are you working on?</p>
I am still tweaking my assault rifle that I posted recently I hav added a full auto switch to switch it from semi auto to full auto
<p>Cool, looking forward to seeing it.</p>
<p>This looks good, and the instructions are easy to follow :)</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
<p>I forgot to mention, you need to add a rubber band around the lock as I did in the cover photo. </p>

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