This is my Knex Pansershreck based on the ww2 German (bazooka). The range all depends on the bands your using but it does pretty good with two rubber bands(One on each side).

good power and range
looks awsome
real trigger
back handle

kinda slow reload time if your new to the system
sorta flimsy

Step 1: Shield

Step 2: Main Body

Sorry for minimal pictures.

Step 3: Handle and Trigger

handle first then trigger mech

Step 4: Adding the Shield

Time for the shield and everything else.

Step 5: Your Finished

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i put a knex rocket on it and its shoots five feet
If you're going to play with K'Nex guns, you should treat them as such. They aren't those little water guns you used to play with 3 years ago
what is the sheild for <br>
it looks like the one in medal honor heros <br>
You've got your facts wrong. The Panzershreck was not a German 'bazooka' as you put it. A Bazooka is an American rocket launcher, which should not be used as a generalised term. Panzershreck literally means 'Tank Killer' and was used throughout the war.
can you post a sketch of the loaded trigger mech
More pics please!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
I must say, I had my doubts about this gun but it's awsome!!! Great job 4.5*
This gun is AWESOME. It fired 73 feet with one rubber band on each side. 5*
I built this without the shield and other bits that weren't essential to the workings of the gun (because i was lo on parts)
if i had more parts i would sure make this one
how do u load<br>
how do you shoot it?<br>
you hook it onto the y connector then the rubber bands go on each side of the reed connector
I was using that term so everyone knew what i was talking about.:)

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