Since you guys asked me to post my Knex Pedal Activated Landmine, here it is. This is my first actual Instructable, so if you need more clarification or anything, or if you have any tips for future instructables just comment.

Step 1: Trigger

You should be able to build it from the pictures.

Step 2: Base

Build from the pictures.

Step 3: Pedal

Build from the pictures.

Step 4: Grenade

Build from the pictures

Step 5: Putting It All Together

This is all the parts put together.
How Does The Red Rod Stay Back? PLZ ANSWER!
It is a block trigger, so you block the rod with the connector, that is moved out of the way by the pedal.
A little something you may try is to attach my easy made clock mechanism so it works off of the mechanisms timer. The only problem would be the ticking sound, not a bad thing if you evil genius.
so you want to turn it into a time bomb, actuallt i can use my rc-xd mechanism to turn it into a time bomb
whatever... =) It's summer.
true, the knex ones are the only good time bombs
Yep, time bombs are good. Muhahahahahahaha <br> <br> <br>*That is when their made out of knex and don't hurt anybody to badly.
awh yeah
Okay, just remember to give credit.
Nice! What kind of mods are you thinking of putting on it?
good job! this is great!
I HAVE to try this! Great idea. Needs to be more incognito, if you know what I mean... 4.5*
Man, I forgot ratings where removed :/
Ya ikr, it is so strange without it.

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