Hi, I have seen a lot of Landmines on this site, but I havent seen any that is actually activated by someone stepping on it, most are activated by tripwires, so I decided to change that, here it is, My Knex Pedal Activated Landmine, when your victim steps on the pedal, that releases a pin which sets off a grenade, which then explodes, hurting your victim. It has an ok blast radius, but it really does not
need a large blast radius since for it to go off, someone has to step on it, which means they would be right beside it. Well, here you go.
<p>Thats some nice mechinism</p>
I know this is a little late alright it's a lot late but why is there a motor on it good idea anyway
<p>The motor acts as a counterweight, so that when you step on it doesn't flop to one side, although a different design of this can eliminate the need for it.</p>
awesome project. I love the idea of the activation by stepping. It would be even cooler if the grenade exploded when you stop stepping on the pad. One of my favorite, suscribed
that's just awesome!!! <br>post it dude
I will be, I might be able to post it today if I have time, if not, it will be up tomorrow
it would be even more awesome, if it could be camo'd
Its just a precautionary counterweight.
Sure, I will post an instructable, also, you may be able to put it under the carpet, as long as the carpet is lightweight
Hmm...not bad. It is a nice idea, although, it is not super practical.
Ya, I know, I just wanted to see if it was possible.
Ah, I see.
Thank you!
Looks pretty cool!
I will be working on that as well, I was thinking black tape, which is good if it is dark.
Very innovative design. I like how you broke away from the norm. Maybe add tan connectors as "feet" to grip the ground.
Alright, I will try that in V2

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