Hi, Welcome to my second instructable. This one is a simple pencil/pen holder.
I will guide you through everything.

Lets start with the "PROS AND CONS!"

It keeps your pencils and pens in one place.

It has no bottom

Well enough talk, lets build!                                                                                                   

Step 1: Gather Your Pieces.

Well before we can start we're going  to need some pieces. Follow the photos or Just read the list below

Red Rods:24
Green Rods:16
Green Connectors:16

                                             That's all you need, So once you get those press the button down here.
                                                                                                                                                               \/ \/

Well, the K'NEX community has moved from things like roller coasters and video game holders. It is generally accepted that if you don't build good guns, your just another nOOb. Now, this is not my view, but that is the general view, I believe. I don't know how many K'NEX you have, but if you have quite a few, I would suggest that you start building other peoples guns. Now, when I was a nOOb, I thought building other peoples guns were lame, because then I was not producing any of my own. But, building other peoples guns has made me WAY better than I might have been, so I suggest you get building. Have fun!
So, building ball machines from 2 metres high is for nOObs? :)
<p>Haha that's a late comment :p </p>
Wow, it is. Oh how time flies
<p>No kidding!</p>
<p>er... yeah.</p>
&quot;Now, this is not my view, but that is the general view, I believe.&quot;
Maybe I could try to build a gun... It'll suck but I don't care! :) <br>BTW I've allready built a gun a long time ago: <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_EPIWQjlro <br>Nah, after seeing this, I think it's better if I continue building ball machines :D
<p>I don't like to either.</p><p>But my bro does!</p>
XD Well, to each his own.
WoW, you can still comment to me, I thought you would be dead after seeing that XP
I guess that's the general view.
uhum... Then I guess you don't want to see the first, exclusive photo's of my newest ball machine where I'm working on right now...
I don't agree with Red man, I was just being sarcastic.
And I gave you a sarcastic answer, I wasn't serious :D
oh :-)
haha :)
I have about 7500 knex and I am working on a semi-auto knex handgun.
Are you using all of them in the handgun? (sorry, couldn't resist)
That would be a very large gun!
no, i was just telling red man how many knex pieces i have. that would be a very big handgun. :-)
I'm attempting to link the images to this post~
sweet, do you mind if I add this to my instructions? <br>thanks for building it
Sure, use the posted pictures as well if you like. :D
Too simple of a build, but I guess it's an ok pencil holder. Looks cool though.
Your welcome!
neat but you should make a bottom to it
I tried, But I couldn't. I'm Going to try again. If I can I 'll add It to the istructable
Nice :) Simple but good.

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