are your elbow muscles getting painfully tired for holding your smartphone while watching videos or browsing the internet?
or does your neck get stiff while watching so?
mine did, so I build a smartphone stand with landscape and portrait support.
this way my hands are free to move and can relax all the time.
the construction is easy to make, but I'd make a tutorial anyway because it's fun to make them.

Step 1: Gathering Parts

you only need a few parts, no special ones are needed, and I even think you are in the minority (if you'd own k'nex) if you can't build this.

Step 2: Building the Basic Parts

make these 3 parts, then move on to the assembly.

Step 3: Assembly

-connect the 3 parts as shown.
-add 2 silver rods to the double-blue connectors, these can help you stabilize the stand in landscape mode if you need to.
-add 1 long rod, this will support your smartphone in portrait mode. you can put this rod on the right side if you want to.
-add the 2 remaining long rods to the back, these will put the stand into a angle.

Step 4: Portrait and Landscape Modi

to switch from landscape to portrait, or vice versa, you only have to move 1 long rod.

now you can enjoy your smartphone with added comfort without spending extra money.

Simple and easy! Great instructable!
Thanks, I was hoping to achieve that :)
Nice stand :D
Thanks :) I still use the stand regularly

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