Introduction: K'nex Piece Launcher

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Step 1: Intro

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In my first how to i will show you how to make a piece pusher ( sorry for ban quality taking this on my iPhone )

Step 2: Equipment

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First you will need a yellow connector, 4 yellow rods, 1 white connector, 2 red rods, 1 purple blue connector ( will be in picture ) and 1 elastic ( small )

Step 3: Phase 1

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First you will need to connect the blue purple connector to one of your reds

Step 4:

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Step 5: Phase 1 Step 2

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Now that those are connected put the white connector like so

Step 6: Phase 1 Part 2

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Now put yellow connectors like so

Step 7: Phase 2 Part 1

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Clip the yellow connector two the top off the red

Step 8: Phase 2 Part 2

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Attach the unused red to the opposite side of the way the yellow is pointing

Step 9: Final Phase !!

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Now you ready to add the elastic to to the pusher, to attach put on 2 rod spots on the purple blue connector and on the inside between the closest 2 yellow rods

Step 10: Your Ready to Fire

Picture of Your Ready to Fire

Now all you have to do is find you ammo and load I personally use the white connector I will show you how to load

Step 11: Loading Step 1

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To load pull back the blue purple connector

Step 12: Loading Step 1

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Now put your ammo on the red rod like so

Step 13: Firing the Weapon

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When you want to fire load pull back connector And releases and it will fire

Step 14: Finishing Up

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Well that was a k'nex piece pusher if you have any problems leave a comment that states the problem and make a troubleshooting how to fix it you can add a scope but I didn't as well leave the arcamada and the pice pusher in the background I say.......

Step 15:

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Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoutout for my friend


pwubax 18 (author)2013-08-04


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03

A bit simple but funny :p

dr. richtofen (author)2013-07-30

It's a bit too simple.
Also, I agree with The Racker. You should put up a photo of the finished product as the first image, not something completely unrelated to the subject of an instructable.

BTW, when you want to reply to someone, that nice looking reply button is your friend.

pwubax 18 (author)2013-07-29

Haters gonna hate

Xx2draktastik7xX (author)2013-07-28

True! @TheRacker

pwubax 18 (author)2013-07-28

So the muppets are immature

TheRacker (author)2013-07-27

I might care if there was actually a picture of what you are making as the title and not some immature iFunny picture.

pwubax 18 (author)2013-07-27

Leave a comment if you have a question

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