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Introduction: Knex Pinball Machine

Yes, a k'nex pinball machine, and it has working flippers, ball launcher, easily customizable terrain and rarely ever brakes.
Also i give credit to some one for the flipper design...Right dsman195276
Please make the flippers at:

Step 1: The Frame

Ok so this is the frame. It decides how big your pinball machine will be, mine is 9x7 just to let you know. Put blue rods standing straight up on the "3d" parts and connect them all with blue rods.

Step 2: The Walls

There are blue rods going through all of them.

Step 3: Features

The flippers and ball catcher and ball launcher.
BIG NOTE- When making the flippers make the a little longer than dsman's because it is bigger and you will never hit the ball.
Please make the flippers at:

Step 4: Play Field

This is the terrain the ball will roll on.
Sorry about the little amount of pictures but the step is simple.
You will build 48 "White nuisances" (Check first photo to see what I mean.)
Once you build Picture 3 just place in the "White nuisances" and you are done. :D

Step 5: Assembly

I didn't make pictures of this but so I'll use what ever I got.
Attach the "Play Field" to "The Frame"
Then attach the ball catcher(Picture 1) on the thing.
Attach Red rods to the back of your machine. (Picture 2)
The flippers are hard to explain. Use pictures 3-5 to help. Use them for the left side too.
Ok the walls are self explanatory, use picture 6 to place them.
Picture 6 is for the ball launcher too.
And I think that is it. Enjoy! :D
P.S. Tell me if I missed anything and i will change it.



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    i made one here a pic of it

    March 2009 073.jpgMarch 2009 072.jpgMarch 2009 071.jpg

     already made that pinball, kinda im just missing most of the stuff and its built different

     So you built it but not really?

     i made it but i didnt make all the cool contraption stuff

    I am doing to make 1 with probably a 9 by 18 but i will need to see if i have enough pieces.  Try replacing some of the whites with blues 3ds for maximum size.