Picture of Knex Pinball Machine
Yes, a k'nex pinball machine, and it has working flippers, ball launcher, easily customizable terrain and rarely ever brakes.
Also i give credit to some one for the flipper design...Right dsman195276
Please make the flippers at: www.instructables.com/id/SFMHA5WFLROKFXJ/

Step 1: The Frame

Picture of The Frame
Ok so this is the frame. It decides how big your pinball machine will be, mine is 9x7 just to let you know. Put blue rods standing straight up on the "3d" parts and connect them all with blue rods.
gerrits135 years ago
i made one here a pic of it
March 2009 073.jpgMarch 2009 072.jpgMarch 2009 071.jpg
_kira_ (author)  gerrits135 years ago
how many blue rods does this use
Shadowpom5 years ago
 look at this insanely awesome one I found www.davespictures.org/pictures/knex.php most elements are going to come from it.
 already made that pinball, kinda im just missing most of the stuff and its built different
 So you built it but not really?
 i made it but i didnt make all the cool contraption stuff
Shadowpom5 years ago
I am doing to make 1 with probably a 9 by 18 but i will need to see if i have enough pieces.  Try replacing some of the whites with blues 3ds for maximum size.
ajleece5 years ago
ashfall5 years ago
cool..... i once made a fooseball machine..... me and my brother had fun with it, but i took it apart cause i was bored with it. cant rebuild tho, dont have a camera or camera phone......
DJ Radio5 years ago
Looks like a barren field.  Needs elements.
~KGB~ DJ Radio5 years ago
_kira_ (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
yes yes i know but the only thing is i said the field is customizable so that shouldn't be much problem adding. And i took it appart so dont exspect and more and also i have all pics so ima finish posting it and done so add some if you want :D
~KGB~ _kira_5 years ago
_kira_ (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
And if you can help me can you build mine and add elements and post it linked here? I would do it myself but I'm working on a secret project and I don't want to take it apart before posting.
~KGB~ _kira_5 years ago
if i have mods i will show you them
_kira_ (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
Okay, look at dsman's elements and try to fit them on. :D thanks!
~KGB~ _kira_5 years ago
ill try
dsman1952765 years ago
Thanks for the credit. I think I said this somewhere before, but it's nice to know someone actually used that pinball machine instructable.

Trom what I can see already, you cut down on the white connecters which is definitly a plus. It looks like this is a less piece heavy build of mine, maybe more people will build it.

When you finish the instructable, please PM me, and I can add a like to this in my instructable.
_kira_ (author)  dsman1952765 years ago
It's DONE! :D
Link it if you please.
i used the flipper design in my pinball machine