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Introduction: Knex Pinball Machine Equinox

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This is Equinox, the first ever fully automatic, coin taking, fun playing, knex pinball machine made. This has four lifts, 16,438 pieces, and my entry for the knex editors choice contest



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    Yeah, it is so much fun, I haven't taken it down yet, I can't bring myself to it.

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    I know the feeling. (late reply. Sorry)

    This should be featured! :P

    looks fun to play and watch aswell! I'm tempted to build one now :p

    Awesome machine!

    Also, I see a ring lift in the background :P

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    You love ring lifts isn't it? :P

    ........maybe :P (I was going to post a certain pic but you already saw it so meh :P)

    Yeah, I didn't feel like taking the ring loft down. It took forever. Also, I just got a ton of pieces and planning on doing a ball machine like paradox

    Thank you, It means a lot coming form a great. Hope you can spread the word @sandroknexmaster

    Thanks, hope it will get more views though, spread the word

    Haha, yeah, that ring will be used in my next, and sorry I don't get the flippers in the video. It does have flippers though.

    Never mind I watched the vid and I saw them great job

    Wait how is this a pinball machine I don't see the flapper things but good job regardless

    Awesome machine!

    Also, I see a ring lift in the background :P