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I got something nice to show you today, it is a frame made from K'nex specially made to support the official tabletop K'nex pinball machine.

no need to lie on the ground anymore, or to move the bulky thing around just to play, a little bit of pinball every day, hooray!

alas no tutorial for you this time, but you can use the screenshots and study them instead as this doesn't need difficult construct abilities.

Step 1: Close Up Pictures

Picture of Close Up Pictures

#1 the front
#2 a horizontal support up close
#3 a vertical support up close
#4 the legs on the backside of the pinball machine connected to the frame
#5 diagonal support which is really important (sorry for the dark picture quality)
#6 an extra ball


Kona-chan (author)2016-07-08

Oh my god, that's so cool!
keep it up!

euroelephant (author)Kona-chan2016-07-21

thank you for you enthusiasm :)

Kona-chan (author)euroelephant2016-08-30

no problem, really, keep it up!

The Knex Inventor (author)2016-07-18

Nice K'NEX pinball machine! Favorited it! :-)

thank you :)
the pinballmachine, which is actually a tabletop, is made by the company itself. I recommend to get the set if you can buy it somewhere, because outside the pinball mode, there is also a multiplayer versus mode. I haven't tried it though :p


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