Introduction: Knex Ping Pong Ball Retriever Claw

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I built this in my spare time to help my dad who has a bad back. We would play ping pong together and the ball would come off the table, and he would always have to bend down and pick it up. So I invented the ping pong ball retrieval claw.

Step 1: Create the Pole Part

Picture of Create the Pole Part

First you need to create the pole part. It is made from 4 grays and 4 purple connectors and 8 white pecies.
How many of these you make will depend on the hight of the person using it.

Step 2: Create End Handle Part

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Well this is pretty simple, just create the end handle (as shown in picture).

Step 3: Create the Front Claw Part

Picture of Create the Front Claw Part

Again just make the end claw part.

Step 4: Finally Assemble It All Together

Picture of Finally Assemble It All Together

Assemble the end handle part to the pole, and that to the claw.



Step 5: VIDEO!!!


PaigeLuann (author)2015-05-26

LasVegas (author)2007-02-28

It would be nice if you were to mention KNEX somewhere since that is the product you're using. The title might be a good place. At least it's not a gun.

adamsdead (author)LasVegas2007-10-08
another use other then guns
smattman22 (author)adamsdead2009-07-16


LasVegas (author)adamsdead2007-10-08

Very impressive adam! You should make this an Instructable! Not that I'd necessarily look at it since 'Knex' tends to put me off... Now, if you could only create a cooling chamber or install it in the fridge somehow with an extended trigger for front access.

Bartboy (author)LasVegas2008-11-23

Adams dead!

adamsdead (author)LasVegas2007-10-08

That would be pretty nice and thank you

Kaiven (author)adamsdead2007-12-04

i just made it! it's great, and i put some mods that made it even better :)

adamsdead (author)Kaiven2007-12-04


nerfer192 (author)adamsdead2007-11-22

thats a sick thing. nice to see some thing knex thats not a gun everyonce and a while. (not a knex hater)

Gunnyzmith (author)adamsdead2008-03-11

what the heck does that have to do with a ping pong retreiver?!

adamsdead (author)Gunnyzmith2008-03-11

Like the "Ping Pong Retriever", It is not a gun.

you've probably already heard this but plz plz post it.

The Jamalam (author)adamsdead2008-06-19

post it plz, i know it's been a year, but jesus christ POST

I_am_Canadian (author)LasVegas2008-05-14

The very first word in the title is knex........

thekingisme (author)LasVegas2007-12-08

read the title...

guitargod1417 (author)2009-03-04

awesome nice thinking i moded the handel a bit

mastertres (author)2008-12-13

that was a very cool and creative way to help your father. good job!

Bartboy (author)2008-08-01

Now a tennis ball one? Maybe?

Kiteman (author)2007-02-28

Is it my imagination, or is this actually a useful K'Nex Instructable?

The Jamalam (author)Kiteman2008-06-19

be quiet!:P

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-05-14

I really like this. It works very well.

peepsx13 (author)2007-03-17

the soda dispenser and the tank were kewl but this isnt tht kewl.where does it pick up the ball.u dont have a moveable it cant pick up the ball.plz make a video showin how it makes no sense 2 me.

combot55 (author)peepsx132008-04-06

it sticks to the green connectors

I made a video.

Gunnyzmith (author)2008-03-11

good job man! i made a stuffed animal/ball(bigger ball) picker upper cause of my dogs stuff but i give credit 2 u!

thanks so much!

pigs are fat (author)2007-04-21

simple but clever..

Aeshir (author)2007-02-28


noahw (author)2007-02-28

While I certainly don't look at every K'Nex instructable that gets posted, this one caught my eye. Its so nice to see K'Nex being used for things besides weapons - they obviously have a lot of potential, and this looks like a great project. Nice work!

Lostkid (author)2007-02-28

What do you have against knex guns, Las vegas? We are just a bunch of people who test our design skills and have fun by making knex guns.

TeacherOfTheWays (author)2007-02-28

I fixed it.

TeacherOfTheWays (author)2007-02-28

Sorry I kinda forgot to mention that.

Whaleman (author)2007-02-27

Wow, a simple solution to a simple problem, but unfortunately i wont be making it because i dont have a ping pong ball, but my friend does, but when i play with him, the ball always goes over the wall. But great instructable, very simple, very good!

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