Knex Ping Pong Ball Retriever Claw





Introduction: Knex Ping Pong Ball Retriever Claw

I built this in my spare time to help my dad who has a bad back. We would play ping pong together and the ball would come off the table, and he would always have to bend down and pick it up. So I invented the ping pong ball retrieval claw.

Step 1: Create the Pole Part

First you need to create the pole part. It is made from 4 grays and 4 purple connectors and 8 white pecies.
How many of these you make will depend on the hight of the person using it.

Step 2: Create End Handle Part

Well this is pretty simple, just create the end handle (as shown in picture).

Step 3: Create the Front Claw Part

Again just make the end claw part.

Step 4: Finally Assemble It All Together

Assemble the end handle part to the pole, and that to the claw.



Step 5: VIDEO!!!



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    It would be nice if you were to mention KNEX somewhere since that is the product you're using. The title might be a good place. At least it's not a gun.

    14 replies
    another use other then guns


    Very impressive adam! You should make this an Instructable! Not that I'd necessarily look at it since 'Knex' tends to put me off... Now, if you could only create a cooling chamber or install it in the fridge somehow with an extended trigger for front access.

    Adams dead!

    That would be pretty nice and thank you

    i just made it! it's great, and i put some mods that made it even better :)

    thats a sick thing. nice to see some thing knex thats not a gun everyonce and a while. (not a knex hater)

    what the heck does that have to do with a ping pong retreiver?!

    Like the "Ping Pong Retriever", It is not a gun.

    you've probably already heard this but plz plz post it.

    post it plz, i know it's been a year, but jesus christ POST

    The very first word in the title is knex........

    awesome nice thinking i moded the handel a bit

    that was a very cool and creative way to help your father. good job!

    Now a tennis ball one? Maybe?

    Is it my imagination, or is this actually a useful K'Nex Instructable?