Knex Pistol (TRUE TRIGGER)




Introduction: Knex Pistol (TRUE TRIGGER)

I will be showing you how to make a Knex pistil with a true trigger that does NOT rely on a hammer/firing pin ;)

Here are some quick photos I took for this.

Step 1: The Handle.

Just follow the pictures ;)

Step 2: Something Else You WILL Need.

Follow the picture :)

Step 3: Trigger Time!


Step 4: The Wheel Thing

Follow the pictures AGIAN...... >_>

Step 5: Assembly

Now we will assemble the gun. Please follow the pictures IN ORDER...

Step 6: Rubber Band on Trigger.

Put the rubber band on as showed.



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     RBG's aren't challenging. If you want a real challenge start building knex guns that shoot knex.

    look, there are thousands of the 8-spoked true trigger rbg, so PLEASE stop posting them. They all have the same basic mechanism, but have different bodys

    12 replies

    It takes me DAYS to figure out how to get a true trigger AT ALL, and people get mad at me for it.. What was the point in even bothering... :|

    hard work really pays off man, all u jerks shut up its a true trigger, nobody asked you to look at this. +1

    what does +1 mean?

    it means hes adding to the instrictable's rating

    and how do you do so?

    right below the related instructables box on the left hand side is an info box the first item on the list is the rating next to the rating there is a big plus button click that and you will add to the rating

    alright thanks

    if u think ur good
    invalid movie:
    d the C!

    If you spotted more than one, You'll have good luck ;-)

    I didn't even notice those lol sry but I kinda got a little ticked when I read your comment of you saying to stop posting knex guns, because I just started >_> Anyway.. yeah.. I cannot figure out how to make a true trigger on a single shot barrel thing or whatever, OR put a working magazine on it >_> that is why I started messing with 8 spoke wheels and rubber bands >_>

    Yeah, but if this is the level of knex guns that you make, post no more. If they are truly huge or amazing or incredibly powerful (150 foot range), nobody really gives a crap. We hate simple guns, whereas we have millions of them.

    WELL SORRY... I just started and this is the first I have ever made WITHOUT a block trigger... :| SORRY FOR NOT MAKING THEM AS LONG AS YOU SORRY FOR NOT KNOWING EVERY LITTLE WAY TO MAKE A GUN >_< i would say something worse than that but I would be risking getting banned >_


    i saw 5 c ees

    OMFG NOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to EXPLODE!

    This is not a pistil. Unless I am mistaken, a pistol is not made up of pieces of plastic.

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    All knex guns are plastic >_> There are no metal knex