Introduction: Single Shot Knex Pistol

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This is my first "real" instructable. Please build this gun and tell me if you like it. :)

Step 1: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

Make this.
Make this.
Connect them.

Step 2: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

Make this.
Add it to your barrel.

Step 3: 2nd Layer

Picture of 2nd Layer

Add all your white/gray rods.
Make these.
Add them onto your barrel. Longest on top.
Make this.
Add it on.
Your second layer.

Step 4: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

Make this.

Step 5: Filling in the Gaps

Picture of Filling in the Gaps

Click it in.
Click this in.
Now do that for the rest on the barrel.
Finished prodcut with not green rods. Don't forget to add your green rods.
Fill your handle in. Basically mirror the other side.
3 layers :)
Make this.
Click it in so that it somewhat hooks onto the gray rod in front of it.
Gather these.
Click the 2 black things in and then click your gray rod onto them.

Step 6: Ramrod :D

Picture of Ramrod :D

You can use gray rods but i recomend using black or better. Make sure you add tape onto it. electrical tape works fine.

Step 7: Banding

Picture of Banding

You don't need this on your trigger but I think it looks cool.
Attach like so.
Band your ramrod.

Step 8: Upcoming Instructables?

Picture of Upcoming Instructables?

Sawed off double barrel shot gun! Knex style!
I don't feel like making an istructable for this, but you never know.


BloodWolf244 (author)2017-07-20

i shot my sis with it it was funny

Ethan1023 (author)2016-10-05

What's the ammo?

~KGB~ (author)2010-07-05

not bad... fix the handle

DJ Radio (author)2010-07-05

It's too generic to be any good. The handle sucks.

MrSillyGuns (author)DJ Radio2010-07-05

Yeah I agree, this was before you answered my question and I have no clue what I was thinking with the handle.

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