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This is my new pistol with a removable mag in the handle. I know it looks similar to blue mullets pistol with removable mag. One reason is yes I used his mag and yes the body looks similar. They are totally different though. Mine gets better range and I don't understand how his mag works but mine has a internal pusher.

Removable mag
6 round mag (more can be used its just harder to get more bullets to not jam)
Hardly ever jams ( only time it does jam is when to many bullets are inserted)
45 foot range
Trigger is not very reliable
Looks kind of boxy

I will not be posting instructions to the fact I have already destroyed it. Please tell me what you think.


TheCoasterCompleater (author)2015-10-23

I think it is horrible that you didn't make instructions bro! Next time please do

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-12-07


Lucas The Boss (author)2013-11-28

Thanks :)

Lucas The Boss (author)2013-11-28

I was shooting it one day and had to many bullets in the mag and when I pulled the ram back it got jammed and literally blew up because it could not hold all the pressure. I got aggravated so i just finished taking it apart ;(

Lucas The Boss (author)2013-11-28

Thanks but I destroyed it

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-11-27

Nice mabye a bit longer handle will help though

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